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Brown, Sarah A. and Silverstone, Catherine, eds. (2007) Tragedy in transition. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9781405135467

Andersson, Kjell and Jalava, Kaisa and Lock, Eric and Finnon, Yvonne and Huizer, Henk and Kaa, Elisabet and Lopes, Alvaro and Poortman-van der Meer, Anneke and Cole, Michael D. and Dahlén, Johan and Sippola, Erkki (2007) Development of a harmonised method for the profiling of amphetamines: III. Development of the gas chromatographic method. Forensic Science International, 169 (1). pp. 50-63. ISSN 1872-6283

Andersson, Kjell and Jalava, Kaisa and Lock, Eric and Huizer, Henk and Kaa, Elisabet and Lopes, Alvaro and Poortman-van der Meer, Anneke and Cole, Michael D. and Dahlén, Johan and Sippola, Erkki (2007) Development of a harmonised method for the profiling of amphetamines: IV. Optimisation of sample preparation. Forensic Science International, 169 (1). pp. 64-76. ISSN 1872-6283

Anghel, Roxana and Beckett, Chris (2007) Skateboarding behind the EU lorry—the experience of Romanian professionals struggling to cope with transition while assisting care leavers (Cu skateboard-ul in urma tirului UE—experienta specialistilor romani in efortul lor de a face fata tranzitiei in timp ce asista tinerii care parasesc centrele de plasament). European Journal of Social Work, 10 (1). pp. 3-19. ISSN 1468-2664

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Campbell, Sean (2007) Ethnicity and cultural criticism: evocations and elisions of Irishness in the British music press. Celtic Cultural Studies. ISSN 1468-6074

Campbell, Sean (2007) “Pack up your troubles”: politics and popular music in pre- and post-ceasefire Ulster. Popular Musicology Online, 4. ISSN 1357-0951

Collins, Nick and D'Escriván, Julio (2007) The Cambridge companion to electronic music. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521688659

Crook, Nora (2007) Calumniated Republicans and the hero of Shelley’s “Charles the First". Keats-Shelley Journal, 56. pp. 155-172. ISSN 0453-4387

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Davis, Jonathan (2007) Stalin: from grey blur to great terror. Advanced TopicMaster . Philip Allan Publishers, London, UK. ISBN 9781844896455

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Dinham, Adam (2007) Raising expectations or dashing hopes?: Well-being and participation in disadvantaged areas. Community Development Journal, 42 (2). pp. 181-193. ISSN 1468-2656

Donaldson, Julia and Smy, Pam (2007) Follow the Swallow. Egmont Books, Glasgow, UK. ISBN 9781405217880

Fairhurst, John (2007) Law and the European Union. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 1405846887

Gardner, John (2007) Samuel Bamford. The Literary Encyclopedia. ISSN 1747-678X

Gardner, John (2007) The suppression of Samuel Bamford's Peterloo poems. Romanticism, 13 (2). pp. 145-155. ISSN 1750-0192

Gilbert, Jenny and Morton, Susan and Rowley, Jennifer (2007) e-learning: the student experience. British Journal of Educational Technology, 38 (4). pp. 560-573. ISSN 1467-8535

Glaser, Evelyne and Guilherme, Manuela and del Carmen Méndez García, María and Mughan, Terry (2007) ICOPROMO – Intercultural competence for professional mobility [Compétence interculturelle pour le développement de la mobilité professionnelle]. Council of Europe Publishing, European Centre for Modern Languages.

Griffiths, Alan and Wall, Stuart (2007) Applied Economics. 11th ed. Financial Times Press, Harlow. ISBN 9780273708223

Hall, Tom (2007) Vague relations: notational image, transformation and the grid in the late music of Morton Feldman. Current Issues in Music, 1 (1). pp. 7-24. ISSN 1447-7939

Hendry, John and Sanderson, Paul and Barker, Richard and Roberts, John (2007) Responsible Ownership, Shareholder Value and the New Shareholder Activism. Competition & Change. ISSN 1477-2221

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Horeck, Tanya (2007) From documentary to drama: capturing Aileen Wuornos. Screen, 48 (2). pp. 141-159. ISSN 1460-2474

Hunt, Abigail (2007) Events Toolkit. Fens Tourism.

Ife, Anne (2007) A role for English as lingua franca in the foreign language classroom? In: Intercultural language use and language learning. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, NL, pp. 79-100. ISBN 978-1-4020-5639-0

Joannou, Maroula (2007) 'Go West, Old Woman': the radical revisioning of slave history in Caryl Phillips's Crossing the River. In: Slavery and the Cultures of Abolition: Essays Marking the Bicentennial of the British Abolition Act of 1807. Essays and Studies (60). D.S.Brewer, London, UK, pp. 195-213. ISBN 9781843841203

Joannou, Maroula (2007) Homework. Women: A Cultural Review, 18 (2). pp. 216-218. ISSN 1470-1367

Joannou, Maroula (2007) Rereading Angela Carter. Women: A Cultural Review, 18 (1). pp. 110-112. ISSN 1470-1367

Joannou, Maroula (2007) Storm Jameson’s Journey from the North as political autobiography. In: Margaret Storm Jameson: Writing in Dialogue. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK, pp. 376-399. ISBN 978-1-8471-8182-4

Knowles, Judie and McGloin, Sarah (2007) Developing critical analysis skills in academic writing. Nursing Standard, 21 (52). pp. 35-37. ISSN 2047-9018

Kraszewski, Sarah (2007) Barrier contraception update: part 1: condoms. Practice Nurse, 34 (5). pp. 16-20. ISSN 0953-6612

Kuhn, Joachim (2007) Best practice: the management of service levels in the automotive industry - the engineering of service level agreements of the Daimler AG, brand Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9783574260919

Leinen, Frank and Rings, Guido (2007) Bilderwelten - Textwelten - Comicwelten: Romanistische Begegnungen Mit Der Neunten Kunst. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 3899750993

Lloyd-Reason, Lester and Mughan, Terry and Sear, Leigh (2007) Advancing entrepreneurial boundaries: a critical reflection on understanding and supporting the internationalisation of SMEs. Review of International Comparative Management, 8 (1). pp. 79-99. ISSN 1582-3458

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Luff, Paulette (2007) Written observations or walks in the park? Documenting children's experiences. In: Early Years Foundations: Meeting the Challenge. Open University Press. ISBN 9780335223480

Lübbren, Nina (2007) Breakfast at Monet's: Giverny in the context of European artists' colonies. In: Impressionist Giverny: a colony of artists, 1885-1915. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois. ISBN 9780932171528

Lübbren, Nina (2007) The view from elsewhere. In: SKM 100. Skagens Museum, Skagen, Denmark. ISBN 9788791048135

Mantle, Greg and Moules, Tina and Johnson, Ken and Leslie, Jane and Parsons, Sarah and Shaffer, Ray (2007) Whose wishes and feelings? Children's autonomy and parental influence in family court enquiries. British Journal of Social Work, 37 (5). pp. 785-805. ISSN 1468-263X

Markovska, Anna and Isaeva, Anna (2007) Public sector corruption: lessons to be learned from the Ukrainian experience. Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 9. 118-`129. ISSN 1743-4629

McWilliam, Rohan (2007) The Tichborne Claimant: a Victorian sensation. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 1852854782

McWilliam, Rohan and Boyd, Kelly (2007) The Victorian studies reader. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780415355797

Mohr, Bettina and Endrass, Tanja and Hauk, Olaf and Pulvermüller, Friedemann (2007) ERP correlates of the bilateral redundancy gain for words. Neuropsychologia, 45 (9). pp. 2114-2124. ISSN 1873-3514

Monmasson, Eric and Cirstea, Marcian N. (2007) FPGA design methodology for industrial control systems—a review. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 54 (4). pp. 1824-1842. ISSN 1557-9948

Mootanah, Rajshree and Dowell, John K. and Cheah, Kevin and Ingle, Paul and Shelton, Julia C. (2007) Configuration of anchorage holes affects fixation of the acetabular component in cemented total hip replacement - a finite element study. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 10 (6). pp. 439-445. ISSN 1476-8259

Moules, Tina and O'Brien, Niamh (2007) The child's perspective and service delivery. In: Public Health Practice and the School-Age Population. CRC Press, London, UK, pp. 259-278. ISBN 9780429166242

Moyle, Tristan (2007) Re-enchanting nature: human and animal life in later Merleau-Ponty. Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, 38 (2). pp. 164-180. ISSN 2332-0486

Mughan, Terry and Lloyd-Reason, Lester (2007) Skills and knowledge needs of the global SME. In: Trading Places – SMEs in the Global Economy. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK. ISBN 9781847207098

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Parikka, Jussi (2007) Digital contagions. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0820488372

Payne, Simon R. (2007) New Ratio. [Video]

Pearson, Catherine (2007) ‘Art for the People’: Museums and Cultural Life in the Second World War. In: Museological Review: Conference Proceedings Issue 12: 'Material Culture, Identities and Social Inclusion', 9-10 February 2006, University of Leicester.

Purton, Valerie (2007) An Iris Murdoch Chronology. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 978-0-230-59798-3

Purton, Valerie (2007) Thomas Linley: a lost Lincolnshire link. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780903582278

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Rajashekar, Umesh and van der Linde, Ian and Bovik, Alan C. and Cormack, Lawrence K. (2007) Foveated analysis of image features at fixations. Vision Research, 47 (25). pp. 3160-3172. ISSN 1878-5646

Rasinger, Sebastian M. (2007) Bengali-English in East London: a study in urban multilingualism. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 3039110365

Rasinger, Sebastian M. (2007) Revisiting the critical period: age of onset or length of exposure? In: 31st Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, USA.

Rayment, John J. and Smith, Jonathan A. (2007) Global spirituality and the global fitness framework. Working Paper. Earlybrave Publications, Brentwood, UK.

Rayment, John J. and Smith, Jonathan A. (2007) Introducing the SMP fitness framework. Working Paper. Earlybrave Publications, Brentwood, UK.

Rings, Guido (2007) Die Konquista als Karneval. Eroberte Eroberer in Armas Marcelos Las naves quemadas. Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, 159 (244). pp. 67-86. ISSN 1866-5381

Rings, Guido (2007) Gebrochene Romantik: Töpffers “Les amours de M. Vieux-Bois” als Karikatur zeitgenössischer Tendenzen. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9783899750997

Russell, Anthony (2007) Vloga IKT v strokovnem razvoju ravnateljev in strokovnih delavcev. Vodenje v vzgoji in izobrazevanju / Leadership in Education, 5 (3). pp. 5-18. ISSN 1581-8225

Salisbury, Martin C. (2007) Play Pen: New Children's Book Illustration. Laurence King Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9781856695244

Schaverien, J. and Odell-Miller, Helen (2007) The arts therapies. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780198520658

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Smith, Andrew C. and Knogge, Christoph and Huck, Maren and Lottker, Petra and Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M. and Heymann, Eckhard W. (2007) Long term patterns of sleeping site use in wild saddleback (Saguinus fuscicollis) and mustached tamarins (S. mystax): Effects of foraging, thermoregulation, predation, and resource defense constraints. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 134 (3). pp. 340-353. ISSN 1096-8644

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Wymer, Rowland (2007) Tragedy and the future. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781405135467

von Lindeiner, Karina (2007) Klaus Mann's Die Sammlung: an attempt at an international journal. German Life and Letters, 60 (2). pp. 212-224. ISSN 1468-0483

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