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Andersson, Christoffer and Crevani, Lucia and Hallin, Anette and Ingvarsson, Caroline and Ivory, Chris and Lammi, Inti and Lindell, Eva and Popova, Irina and Uhlin, Anna (2021) Hyper-Taylorism and third-order technologies: making sense of the transformation of work and management in a post-digital era. In: Management and Information Technology after Digital Transformation. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9780367612764


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Belton, Ian and Wright, George and Sissons, Aileen and Bolger, Fergus and Crawford, Megan M. and Hamlin, Iain and Taylor Browne Lūka, Courtney and Vasilichi, Alexandrina (2021) Delphi with feedback of rationales: How large can a Delphi group be such that participants are not overloaded, de-motivated, or disengaged? Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 170. p. 120897. ISSN 0040-1625

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Chi, Yin and Huang, Bo and Xu, Mengyi and Liu, Sumei (2021) Exploration and Enlightenment of the Teaching Mode of Engineering -Take Lancaster University (UK) as a Case Study. 教育教学论坛 (Education and Teaching Forum), 9 (3). pp. 21-24. ISSN 1674-9324


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Drydakis, Nick (2021) Sex workers’ self-reported physical and mental health in Greece. A repeated cross-sectional study in 2009, 2013 and 2019. Culture, Health & Sexuality. ISSN 1464-5351

Drydakis, Nick (2021) Sexual orientation discrimination in the labor market against gay men. Review of Economics of the Household. ISSN 1573-7152

Drydakis, Nick (2021) Social Rejection, Family Acceptance, Economic Recession and Physical and Mental Health of Sexual Minorities. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. ISSN 1553-6610

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Gupta, Rangan and Shahzad, Syed J. H. and Sheng, Xin and Subramaniam, Sowmya (2021) The role of oil and risk shocks in the high-frequency movements of the term structure of interest rates: Evidence from the U.S. Treasury market. International Journal of Finance and Economics. ISSN 1099-1158

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Hamlin, Iain and Bolger, Fergus and Vasilichi, Alexandrina and Belton, Ian and Crawford, Megan M. and Sissons, Aileen and Taylor Browne Lūka, Courtney and Wright, George (2021) Structured groups make more accurate veracity judgements than individuals. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 35 (6). pp. 1600-1607. ISSN 1099-0720

Hong, Yuxiang and Xu, Mengyi (2021) Autonomous Motivation and Information Security Policy Compliance: Role of Job Satisfaction, Responsibility, and Deterrence. Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, 33 (6). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1546-5012


Ivory, Chris and Walsh, Lewis (2021) Why Does Technology Policy around Industry 4.0 Continue to Draw its Logic from 1960s Diffusion Models? In: 2021 26th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), Vasteras, Sweden.


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Kariyawasam, Rohan (2021) Information and Communications Technologies: Bridging the Digital Divide Through the Right Mix of Competition Policy and Intellectual Property. In: Competition Policy and Intellectual Property in Today's Global Economy. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 332-370. ISBN 9781108157827

Kooli, Kaouther and Tzempelikos, Nektarios and Hammouda, Mohamad Y. (2021) The influence of B to B firms use of multiple social media platforms on relationship sales performance: an institutional perspective. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 28 (2). pp. 105-123. ISSN 1547-0628


Land, Chris (2021) Book review: An Oasis of Beer in the Desert of the Real? Symbolic Interaction, 44 (1). pp. 253-256. ISSN 1533-8665

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Okebie, Chinomnso and Konstantinidou, Elina (2021) Potentials and Effectiveness of the Tort of Deceit in Addressing Paternity Fraud Issues. Working Paper. Queen Mary School of Law, London, UK.

Okebie, Chinomnso and Konstantinidou, Elina (2021) The Tort of Deceit & Paternity Fraud: P v B (Paternity Damages for Deceit) [2001] Revisited. Working Paper. Queen Mary School of Law, London, UK.

Okebie, Chinomnso and Konstantinidou, Elina (2021) Vaccine Trials: A Review of Needed Ethical Reconsiderations and the Law. Working Paper. Queen Mary School of Law, London, UK.


Pardhan, Shahina and Drydakis, Nick (2021) Associating the Change in New COVID-19 Cases to GDP per Capita in 38 European Countries in the First Wave of the Pandemic. Frontiers in Public Health, 8. p. 582140. ISSN 2296-2565

Pereira, Vijay and Del Giudice, Manlio and Malik, Ashish and Tarba, Shlomo and Temouri, Yama and Budhwar, Pawan and Patnaik, Swetketu (2021) A longitudinal investigation into multilevel agile & ambidextrous strategic dualities in an information technology high performing EMNE. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 169. p. 120848. ISSN 0040-1625

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Pereira, Vijay and Tuffour, James and Patnaik, Swetketu and Temouri, Yama and Malik, Ashish and Singh, Sanjay (2021) The quest for CSR: Mapping responsible and irresponsible practices in an intra-organizational context in Ghana’s gold mining industry. Journal of Business Research, 135. pp. 268-281. ISSN 0148-2963

Plossky, Arseny and Martinez Morando, Jorge and Sedik, Wesam and Munyaradzi, Talent and Tural Tok, Gevher and Kaydan, Ugur and Kone, Ibrahima and Rafalimanana, Nomen’anjara G. and Gonzalez-Galarreta, Rafael and Abdulkadhim Ali, Mohammed and Abd Alhassan Yahia, Haider and Giovannetti, Emanuele (2021) Economic policies and methods of determining the costs of services related to national telecommunication/ICT networks: Output Report on ITU-D Question 4/1 for the study period 2018-2021. Technical Report. International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland.


Sarkar, Sudipta K. (2021) Socialisation: How it augments ecotourists' experiential satisfaction during ecotrips and after (in social media aided virtual settings). In: Routledge Handbook of Ecotourism. Routledge, London, UK, pp. 254-261. ISBN 9781003001768

Sheng, Xin and Marfatia, Hardik A. and Gupta, Rangan and Ji, Qiang (2021) House price synchronization across the US states: The role of structural oil shocks. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 56. p. 101372. ISSN 1879-0860

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Spear, Sara and Morey, Yvette and Van Steen, Tommy (2021) Academics’ perceptions and experiences of working with students with mental health problems: insights from across the UK higher education sector. Higher Education Research and Development, 40 (5). pp. 1117-1130. ISSN 1469-8366

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Spotswood, Fiona and Wiltshire, Gareth and Spear, Sara and Morey, Yvette and Harris, Jennifer (2021) A practice theory approach to primary school physical activity: opportunities and challenges for intervention. Critical Public Health, 31 (4). pp. 392-403. ISSN 1469-3682


Tzempelikos, Nektarios (2021) Business-to-Business Marketing in the Light of the Evolution of the Business Environment. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 28 (2). pp. 101-104. ISSN 1547-0628


van Eyden, Reneé and Gupta, Rangan and Sheng, Xin and Wohar, Mark E. (2021) Impact of oil price volatility on state-level consumption of the United States: The role of oil dependence. Energy Exploration and Exploitation, 39 (3). pp. 962-974. ISSN 2048-4054


Zammit Borda, Aldo and Hosen, Sajib (2021) The Impact of Long-Delayed Prosecutions on Fighting Impunity in Bangladesh. In: Asian Society of International Law 8th Biennial Conference: What Place for International Law in the Asian Future?, Online.

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