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Allen, Peter M. and Radhakrishnan, Hema and Price, Holly C. and Rae, Sheila M. and Theagarayan, Baskar P. and Calver, Richard I. and Sailoganathan, Ananth and Latham, Keziah and O'Leary, Daniel J. (2013) A randomised clinical trial to assess the effect of a dual treatment on myopia progression: The Cambridge Anti-Myopia Study. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, 33 (3). pp. 267-276. ISSN 1475-1313

Alsultan, Abdulrahman A. and Evans, Benjamin A. and Elsayed, Elsayed A. and Al-Thawadi, Sahar I. and Al-Taher, Abdulla Y. and Amyes, Sebastian G. B. and Al-Dughaym, Abdullah M. and Hamouda, Ahmed (2013) High frequency of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in patients with diabetes mellitus in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 62 (6). pp. 885-888. ISSN 1473-5644

Aspell, Jane E. and Heydrich, Lukas and Marillier, Guillaume and Lavanchy, Tom and Herbelin, Bruno and Blanke, Olaf (2013) Turning body and self inside out: visualized heartbeats alter bodily self-consciousness and tactile perception. Psychological Science, 24 (12). pp. 2445-2453. ISSN 1467-9280

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Barote, Luminita and Marinescu, Corneliu and Cirstea, Marcian N. (2013) Control structure for single-phase stand-alone wind-based energy sources. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 60 (2). pp. 764-772. ISSN 1557-9948

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Bodin, Per E. and Gagen, Mary H. and McCarroll, Danny and Loader, Neil J. and Jalkanen, Risto and Robertson, Iain and Switsur, V. Roy and Waterhouse, John S. and Woodley, Ewan J. and Young, Giles H. F. and Alton, Paul B. (2013) Comparing the performance of different stomatal conductance models using modelled and measured plant carbon isotope ratios (δ13C): implications for assessing physiological forcing. Global Change Biology, 19 (6). pp. 1709-1719. ISSN 1365-2486

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Bourne, Rupert R. A. and Price, Holly C. and Taylor, Hugh R. and Leasher, Janet and Keeffe, Jill and Glanville, Julie and Sieving, Pamela C. and Khairallah, Moncef and Wong, Tien Y. and Zheng, Yingfeng and Mathew, Anu and Katiyar, Suchitra and Mascarenhas, Maya and Stevens, Gretchen A. and Resnikoff, Serge and Gichuhi, Stephen and Naidoo, Kovin and Wallace, Diane and Kymes, Steven and Peters, Colleen and Pesudovs, Konrad and Braithwaite, Tasanee and Limburg, Hans (2013) New Systematic Review Methodology for Visual Impairment and Blindness for the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study. Ophthalmic Epidemiology, 20 (1). pp. 33-39. ISSN 1744-5086

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Dowling, Mathew and Robinson, Leigh and Washington, Marvin (2013) Taking advantage of the London 2012 Olympic Games: corporate social responsibility through sport partnerships. European Sport Management Quarterly, 13 (3). pp. 269-292. ISSN 1746-031X

Du, Yingang and Chan, Andrew H. C. and Clark, Leslie A. and Wang, Xintang and Gurkalo, Filip and Bartos, Stasa (2013) Finite element analysis of cracking and delamination of concrete beam due to steel corrosion. Engineering Structures, 56. pp. 8-21. ISSN 0141-0296

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Henjewele, Christian and Fewings, Peter and Rwelamila, Pantaleo D. (2013) De-marginalising the public in PPP projects through multi-stakeholders management. Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction, 18 (3). pp. 210-231. ISSN 1366-4387

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Qasim, Muhammad and Hong, Jae Taek and Natarajan, Raghu N. and An, Howard S. (2013) A Biomechanical Comparison of Intralaminar C7 Screw Constructs with and without Offset Connector Used for C6-7 Cervical Spine Immobilization : A Finite Element Study. Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society, 53 (6). p. 331. ISSN 1598-7876


Radhakrishnan, Hema and Allen, Peter M. and Calver, Richard I. and Theagarayan, Baskar P. and Price, Holly C. and Rae, Sheila and Sailoganathan, Ananth and O'Leary, Daniel J. (2013) Peripheral refractive changes associated with myopia progression. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 54 (2). pp. 1573-1581. ISSN 1552-5783

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