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Akister, Jane and Mutty, Sam (2012) The emotional wellbeing of children identified as in need of additional support in the transition from primary to secondary school. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Akister, Jane and O'Brien, Niamh (2012) Combining state and voluntary provision: using volunteers in home-based child protection - preliminary indications for the mental wellbeing of family members. International Journal of Business and Social Research. ISSN 2164-2540

Andrew, Sharon and Cleary, Michelle and Jackson, Debra (2012) Facing a new frontier: safety in cyberspace and challenges for nursing. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services. ISSN 0279-3695


Ballard, Gill and Piper, Stewart and Stokes, Peter (2012) Effect of simulated learning on blood pressure measurement skills. Nursing Standard. ISSN 0029-6570

Barker, Richard and Hendry, John and Roberts, John and Sanderson, Paul (2012) Can company-fund manager meetings convey informational benefits? Exploring the rationalisation of equity investment decision making by UK fund managers. Accounting, Organizations and Society. ISSN 03613682

Bungay, Hilary and Koubel, Georgina (2012) Rights risks and responsibilities: interprofessional working in health and social care. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780230282889

Burns, Tom and Sinfield, Sandra and Holley, Debbie (2012) The Shipwrecked Shore and Other Metaphors: what we can learn from occupation of, and representations in, virtual worlds. Investigations in University Teaching and Learning. ISSN 1740-5106

Bustin, Stephen A. and Murphy, Jamie (2012) RNA biomarkers in colorectal cancer. Methods. ISSN 1095-9130


Cameron, Claire (2012) ‘Our young people are worse’: family backgrounds, educational progression and placement options in public care systems. European Journal of Social Work. ISSN 1468-2664

Chaudhary, Sarah and Avis, Mark and Munn-Giddings, Carol (2012) Beyond the therapeutic: a Habermasian view of self-help groups’ place in the public sphere. Social Theory and Health. ISSN 1477-8211

Cleary, Michelle and Deacon, Maureen and Jackson, Debra and Wai-chi Chan, Sally and Andrew, Sharon (2012) Advances in Contemporary Community & Family Health Care (3rd edn). Contemporary Nurse. ISSN 1037-6178

Cobbold, Angela and Lord, Sue (2012) Treatment and management of obesity: is surgical intervention the answer? Journal of Perioperative Practice. ISSN 1750-4589


Davis, G. (2012) A documentary analysis of the use of leadership and change theory in changing practice in early years settings. Early Years, an International Journal of Research and Development.. ISSN 0957-5146

Davis, Geraldine M. (2012) A documentary analysis of the use of leadership and change theory in changing practice in early years settings. Early Years: An International Research Journal. ISSN 0957-5146

Davis, Geraldine M. and Barry, Angela (2012) Positive outcomes for children: Early Years Professionals effecting change. Early Child Development and Care. ISSN 0300-4430

Dickie, Colleen I. and Griffin, Anthony M. and Parent, Amy L. and Chung, Peter W.M. and Catton, Charles N. and Svensson, Jon and Ferguson, Peter C. and Wunder, Jay S. and Bell, Robert S. and Sharpe, Michael B. and O'Sullivan, Brian (2012) The relationship between local recurrence and radiotherapy treatment volume for soft tissue sarcomas treated with external beam radiotherapy and function preservation surgery. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.


Fealy, Gerard M. and Kelly, Jacinta and Watson, Roger (2012) Legitimacy in legacy: a discussion paper of historical scholarship published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1976-2011. Journal of Advanced Nursing. ISSN 0309-2402

Fox, Joanna (2012) Best practice in maternity and mental health services? A service user's perspective. Schizophrenia Bulletin. ISSN 0586-7614


Gibson, Vanessa and Plowright, Catherine and Collins, Tim and Dawson, Deborah and Evans, Sara and Gibb, Peter and Lynch, Fiona and Mitchell, Kay and Page, Pam and Sturmey, Gordon (2012) Position statement on visiting in adult critical care units in the UK. Nursing in Critical Care, 17 (4). pp. 213-218. ISSN 1478-5153

Greaves, Lyn and Bradley, Claire and Holley, Debbie (2012) Learning journeys: exploring approaches to learner digital literacy acquisition. Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences. ISSN 1756-848X


Hill, Dave (2012) Caste, ‘Race’ and Class: A Marxist Critique of Caste Analysis, Critical Race Theory and Equivalence (or Parallellist) Explanations of Social Inequality. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 8125045317

Hill, Dave (2012) Class, Neoliberal Capitalism in Crisis and the Resistant and Transformative Role of Education and Knowledge Workers. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781137006868

Hill, Dave (2012) Immiseration Capitalism, Activism and Education: Resistance, Revolt and Revenge. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies. ISSN 2051-0959

Holley, Debbie (2012) Computers: anyplace, anywhere, anytime. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781446203248

Holley, Debbie (2012) Student attitudes to socially responsible business: a case study of mine workers in Chile. Social Responsibility Journal. ISSN 1747-1117

Holley, Debbie and Boyle, Tom (2012) Empowering teachers to author multimedia learning resources that support students’ critical thinking. European Journal of Open and Distance Learning. ISSN 1027-5207

Holley, Debbie and Johnson, Ted (2012) Health and safety training in 3D. Logistics and Transport Focus. ISSN 1466-836X


Jackson, Debra and Andrew, Sharon and Cleary, Michelle (2012) Family and community health nursing: challenges and moving forward. Contempory Nurse. ISSN 1037-6178


Kanyal, Mallika and Cooper, Linda (2012) Young children's perceptions of their classroom environment: perspectives from England and India. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781446207543

Kay, Lesley (2012) Self evaluation: a specific session. The Practising Midwife. ISSN 1461-3123 (Draft)

Kelly, Jacinta (2012) Editorial: Learning is still the real business of the University. Journal of Clinical Nursing. ISSN 0962-1067

Kelly, Jacinta (2012) Editorial: What has Florence Nightingale ever done for clinical nurses? Journal of Clinical Nursing. ISSN 0962-1067

Kelly, Jacinta (2012) Nursing and higher education - natural allies. British Journal of Nursing. ISSN 0966-0461

Kelly, Jacinta (2012) PhD study: ‘Irish girls make such good nurses’ - A history of Irish civilian nurses in Britain during the Second World War, 1939-1945. The Bulletin. ISSN 2049-9744

Kelly, Jacinta (2012) What makes a good nurse ‘very good’? The Bulletin. ISSN 2049-9744

Kelly, Jacinta (2012) Women are more likely to ignore cardiovascular health problems. British Journal of Cardiac Nursing. ISSN 1749-6403

Kelly, Jacinta and Fealy, Gerard M. and Watson, Roger (2012) The image of you: constructing nursing identities in YouTube. Journal of Advanced Nursing. ISSN 0309-2402

Kothari, Aine (2012) Reducing mortality from cervical cancer. Midwives. ISSN OCLC: 244630469


Lane, Pauline and Spencer, Siobhan and McCready, Muzelley (2012) Perspectives on ageing in gypsy families. ISSN 0958-3084


Marciniak, Ruth and Holley, Debbie and Dobson-Davies, Caroline (2012) Encouraging students to engage with their subject matter: a case study of fashion. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781841505169

Margrove, Kerrie L. and Gustowska, M. and Grove, L.S. (2012) Provision of support for psychological distress by university staff, and receptiveness to mental health training. Journal of Further and Higher Education. ISSN 0309-877X

Margrove, Kerrie L. and Heydinrych, Kirsten and Secker, Jenny (2012) Waiting list-controlled evaluation of a participatory arts course for people experiencing mental health problems. Perspectives in Public Health. ISSN 1757-9139

McVicar, Andrew J. and Munn-Giddings, Carol and Abu-Helil, Christina (2012) Exploring the development of action research in nursing and social care in the UK: A comparative bibliometric review of action research designs in social work (2000-2010). Action Research. ISSN 1476-7503

Moules, Tina and O'Brien, Niamh (2012) Participation in perspective: reflections from research projects. Nurse Researcher, 19 (2). pp. 17-22. ISSN 2047-8992

Munn-Giddings, Carol (2012) Action research. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780857020390


Page, Pam (2012) Succeeding in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780857258274 (Cloth)

Parker, Michael and Price, Ruth K. and Wallace, Julie M.W. and Hamill, Lesley L. and Keaveney, Edel M. and Strain, J.J. and Welch, Robert W. and , Belfast (2012) Evaluation of the effect of wheat aleurone-rich foods on markers of antioxidant status, inflammation and endothelial function in apparently healthy men and women. British Journal of Nutrition. ISSN 0007-1145

Parker, Michael and Roberts, Geoffrey and Mark, Lloyd and Martin, Rebecca and Philp, Bruce and Shelley, Odhran and Dziewulski, Peter (2012) The Baux score is dead. Long live the Baux score: A 27-year retrospective cohort study of mortality at a regional burns service. Journal of Trauma. ISSN 2163-0755


Ratnarajan, Gokulan and Newsom, Wendy and French, Karen and Kean, Jane and Chang, Lydia and Parker, Michael and Garway-Heath, David F. and Bourne, Rupert R. A. (2012) The effect of changes in referral behaviour following NICE guideline publication on agreement of examination findings between professionals in an established glaucoma referral refinement pathway: The Health Innovation & Education Cluster (HIEC) Glaucoma Pathways project. British Journal of Ophthalmology, 97 (2). pp. 210-214. ISSN 1468-2079


Salamonson, Yenna and Everett, Bronwyn and Koch, Jane and Andrew, Sharon and Davidson, Patricia M. (2012) The impact of term-time paid work on academic performance in nursing students: a longitudinal study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. ISSN 0020-7489

Samsonraj, Rajkumar S.P. and Loughran, Michael F.E. and Secker, Jenny (2012) Evaluating outcomes of therapies offered by occupational therapists in adult mental health. Journal of Mental Health. ISSN 1360-0567

Sanger, Tam (2012) Response to “A critique of Trans people's partnerships: towards an ethics of intimacy”. Sexual and Relationship Therapy. ISSN 1468-1994

Schulte, Carsten and Hornung, Malte and Sentance, Sue and Dagiene, Valentina and Jevsikova, Tatjana and Thota, Neena and Eckerdal, Anna and Peters, Anne-Kathrin (2012) Computer science at school/CS teacher education. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Scourfield, Peter (2012) Caretelization revisited and the lessons of Southern Cross. Critical Social Policy. ISSN 1461-703X

Scourfield, Peter (2012) Defenders against threats or enablers of opportunities: the screening role played by gatekeepers in researching older people in care homes. The Qualitative Report. ISSN 1052-0147

Secker, Jenny and Munn-Giddings, Carol and Schafer, Tim (2012) Evaluation of the Mid Essex GP consortium pilot project. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED. (Draft)

Secker, Jenny and Munn-Giddings, Carol and Schafer, Tim (2012) Impact of changes to day services commissioned by Essex County Council in North Essex, Wickford, Rochford & Castlepoint: web survey report. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Secker, Jenny and Munn-Giddings, Carol and Schafer, Tim (2012) Making Involvement Matter in Essex. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Secker, Jenny and Munn-Giddings, Carol and Schafer, Tim (2012) Report from consultations with service users and carers. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Sentance, Sue (2012) Changes afoot in the UK. CSTA Voice. ISSN 1555-2128

Shearer, Diane and Adams, John (2012) Evaluating an advanced nursing practice course: student perceptions. Nursing Standard. ISSN 0029-6570

Shoderu, Ronke and Kane, Suzanne and Husbands, Deborah and Holley, Debbie (2012) Developing a sense of belonging: findings from a three institution study with implications for BME students and staff engagement. Compass: The Journal of Learning and Teaching at the University of Greenwich. ISSN 2044-0073

Skingley, Ann and Bungay, Hilary and Clift, Stephen (2012) Researching participatory arts, well-being and health: Some methodological issues. Journal of Arts and Communities. ISSN 1757-1936

Sole, Gisela and Claydon, Leica S. and Hendrick, Paul and Hagberg, Jennifer and Jonsson, Jonas and Harland, Tony (2012) Employers' perspectives of competencies and attributes of physiotherapy graduates: an exploratory qualitative study. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy. ISSN 0303-7193


Visram, Nazira and Roberts, Adrian and Seebohm, Patience (2012) The role of self-help groups in promoting well-being: experiences from a cancer group. Mental Health and Social Inclusion. ISSN 2042-8308


Walker, Susan H. (2012) Are limited opening times really to blame for men's underuse of healthcare services? BMJ. ISSN 0959-8138

Walker, Susan H. (2012) Mechanistic and "natural" body metaphors and their effects on attitudes to hormonal contraception. Women & health. ISSN 1541-0331

Watson, Roger and Gelling, Leslie (2012) NHS Research Ethics Committees: for whose protection? Journal of Clinical Nursing. ISSN 0962-1067

Watson, Roger and Kelly, Jacinta (2012) The ‘good’ apprentice - revisiting Irish nursing's coming of age. Nurse Education Today. ISSN 0260-6917

Wetherall, Claudine (2012) Editorial: Call yourself a nurse? Time to get precious. Journal of Clinical Nursing. ISSN 0962-1067

Wetherall, Claudine (2012) How to stay afloat. Nursing Standard. ISSN 0029-6570

Winnard, Yvette and Elliott, Vicki (2012) The freshers’ week experience in a VLE: can it be achieved? European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning. ISSN 1027-5207

Wright, Beverley (2012) HPC professionalism in healthcare professionals research report. Podiatry Review. ISSN 1756-3291

Wright, Beverley (2012) An evening with Kylie. Podiatry Review. ISSN 1756-3291 (Draft)

Wright, Beverley (2012) The problem with Planar Fasciitis. Podiatry Review. ISSN 1756-3291

Wright, Hazel R. (2012) Childcare, children and capability. Cambridge Journal of Education. ISSN 0305-764X

Wright, Hazel R. (2012) From parent to practitioner: alternative pathways to professionalism in the United Kingdom. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781446207550

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