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Moseby-Knappe, Marion and Levin, Helena and Blennow, Kaj and Ullén, Susann and Zetterberg, Henrik and Lilja, Gisela and Dankiewicz, Josef and Jakobsen, Janus C. and Lagebrant, Alice and Friberg, Hans and Nichol, Alistair and Ainschough, Kate and Eastwood, Glenn M. and Wise, Matt P. and Thomas, Matthew and Keeble, Thomas R. and Cariou, Alain and Leithner, Christoph and Rylander, Christian and Düring, Joachim and Bělohlávek, Jan and Grejs, Anders and Borgquist, Ola and Undén, Johan and Simon, Maryline and Rolny, Vinzent and Piehler, Alex and Cronberg, Tobias and Nielsen, Niklas (2022) Biomarkers of brain injury after cardiac arrest; a statistical analysis plan from the TTM2 trial biobank investigators. Resuscitation Plus, 10. p. 100258. ISSN 2666-5204

Dankiewicz, Josef and Cronberg, Tobias and Lilja, Gisela and Jakobsen, Janus C. and Levin, Helena and Ullén, Susann and Rylander, Christian and Wise, Matt P. and Oddo, Mauro and Cariou, Alain and Bělohlávek, Jan and Hovdenes, Jan and Saxena, Manoj and Kirkegaard, Hans and Young, Paul J. and Pelosi, Paolo and Storm, Christian and Taccone, Fabio S. and Joannidis, Michael and Callaway, Clifton and Eastwood, Glenn M. and Morgan, Matt P. G. and Nordberg, Per and Erlinge, David and Nichol, Alistair D. and Chew, Michelle S. and Hollenberg, Jacob and Thomas, Matthew and Bewley, Jeremy and Sweet, Katie and Grejs, Anders M. and Christensen, Steffen and Haenggi, Matthias and Levis, Anja and Lundin, Andreas and Düring, Joachim and Schmidbauer, Simon and Keeble, Thomas R. and Karamasis, Grigoris V. and Schrag, Claudia and Faessler, Edith and Smid, Ondrej and Otáhal, Michal and Maggiorini, Marco and Wendel Garcia, Pedro D. and Jaubert, Paul and Cole, Jade M. and Solar, Miroslav and Borgquist, Ola and Leithner, Christoph and Abed-Maillard, Samia and Navarra, Leanlove and Annborn, Martin and Undén, Johan and Brunetti, Iole and Awad, Akil and McGuigan, Peter and Bjørkholt Olsen, Roy and Cassina, Tiziano and Vignon, Philippe and Langeland, Halvor and Lange, Theis and Friberg, Hans and Nielsen, Niklas (2021) Hypothermia versus Normothermia after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. New England Journal of Medicine, 384 (24). pp. 2283-2294. ISSN 1533-4406

Heimburg, Katarina and Lilja, Gisela and Tornberg, Åsa B. and Ullén, Susann and Blennow Nordström, Erik and Friberg, Hans and Nielsen, Niklas and Gregersen Østergaard, Lisa and Grejs, Anders M. and Hill, Helen and Keeble, Thomas R. and Kirkegaard, Hans and Mion, Marco and Rylander, Christian and Segerström, Magnus and Undén, Johan and Wise, Matthew P. and Cronberg, Tobias (2021) Physical activity after cardiac arrest; protocol of a sub-study in the Targeted Hypothermia versus Targeted Normothermia after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest trial (TTM2). Resuscitation Plus, 5. p. 100076. ISSN 2666-5204

Blennow Nordström, Erik and Lilja, Gisela and Vestberg, Susanna and Ullén, Susann and Friberg, Hans and Nielsen, Niklas and Heimburg, Katarina and Evald, Lars and Mion, Marco and Segerström, Magnus and Grejs, Anders M. and Keeble, Thomas R. and Kirkegaard, Hans and Ljung, Hanna and Rose, Sofia and Wise, Matthew P. and Rylander, Christian and Undén, Johan and Cronberg, Tobias (2020) Neuropsychological outcome after cardiac arrest: a prospective case control sub-study of the Targeted hypothermia versus targeted normothermia after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest trial (TTM2). BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 20 (1). p. 439. ISSN 1471-2261

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