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Veronese, Nicola, Honvo, Germain, Bruyere, Olivier, Rizzoli, Rene, Barbagallo, Mario, Maggi, Stefania, Smith, Lee, Sabico, Shaun, Al-Daghri, Nasser, Cooper, Cyrus, Pegreffi, Francesco and Reginster, Jean-Yves (2022) Knee Osteoarthritis and Adverse Health Outcomes: An Umbrella Review of Meta-Analyses of Observational Studies. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. ISSN 1720-8319

Bolzetta, Francesco, Cacco, Chiara, Cester, Alberto, Smith, Lee ORCID logoORCID:, Demurtas, Jacopo, Cooper, Cyrus, Rizzoli, Renè, Caruso, Maria G., Notarnicola, Maria, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Maggi, Stefania, Barbagallo, Mario, Dominguez, Ligia J. and Veronese, Nicola (2022) Dietary acrylamide and incident osteoporotic fractures: an 8-year prospective cohort study. Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging. ISSN 1760-4788

Veronese, Nicola, Stefanac, Sinisa, Koyanagi, Ai, Al-Daghri, Nasser, Sabico, Shaun, Cooper, Cyrus, Rizzoli, Renè, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Barbagallo, Mario, Dominguez, Ligia, Smith, Lee and Maggi, Stefania (2021) Lower Limb Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass Are Associated with Incident Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis: a Longitudinal Cohort Study. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 12. p. 804560. ISSN 1664-2392

Veronese, Nicola, Smith, Lee, Zigoura, Ekaterini, Barbagallo, Mario, Dominguez, Ligia J., Barone, Antonella, Cella, Alberto, Cooper, Cyrus, Rizzoli, Renè, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Maggi, Stefania and Pilotto, Alberto (2021) Multidimensional prognostic index and the risk of fractures: an 8-year longitudinal cohort study in the Osteoarthritis Initiative. Archives of Osteoporosis, 17. p. 5. ISSN 1862-3514

Veronese, Nicola, Demurtas, Jacopo, Smith, Lee, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Bruyère, Olivier, Beaudart, Charlotte, Honvo, Germain and Maggi, Stefania (2020) Glucosamine sulphate: an umbrella review of health outcomes. Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, 12. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1759-7218

Veronese, Nicola, Koyanagi, Ai, Stubbs, Brendon, Cooper, Cyrus, Guglielmi, Giuseppe, Rizzoli, Renè, Punzi, Leonardo, Rogoli, Domenico, Caruso, Maria Gabriella, Rotolo, Ornella, Notarnicola, Maria, Al-Daghri, Nasser, Smith, Lee, Reginster, Jean-Yves and Maggi, Stefania (2019) Mediterranean diet and knee osteoarthritis outcomes: A longitudinal cohort study. Clinical Nutrition, 38 (6). pp. 2735-2739. ISSN 1532-1983

Veronese, Nicola, Demurtas, Jacopo, Soysal, Pinar, Smith, Lee, Torbahn, Gabriel, Schoene, Daniel, Schwingshackl, Lukas, Sieber, Cornel, Bauer, Jurgen, Cesari, Matteo, Bruyere, Oliviere, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Beaudart, Charlotte, Cruz-Jentoft, Alfonso, Cooper, Cyrus, Petrovic, Mirko and Maggi, Stefania (2019) Sarcopenia and health related outcomes: an umbrella review of observational studies. European Geriatric Medicine, 10 (6). pp. 853-862. ISSN 1878-7657

Veronese, Nicola, Koyanagi, Ai, Stubbs, Brendon, Cooper, Cyrus, Guglielmi, Giuseppe, Rizzoli, Renè, Schofield, Patricia, Punzi, Leonardo, Al-Daghri, Nasser, Smith, Lee, Maggi, Stefania and Reginster, Jean-Yves (2019) Statin use and knee osteoarthritis outcomes: a longitudinal cohort study. Arthritis Care and Research, 71 (8). pp. 1052-1058. ISSN 2151-4658

Veronese, Nicola, Shivappa, Nitin, Stubbs, Brendon, Smith, Toby, Hébert, James R., Cooper, Cyrus, Guglielmi, Giuseppe, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Rizzoli, Renè and Maggi, Stefania (2019) The relationship between the dietary inflammatory index and prevalence of radiographic symptomatic osteoarthritis: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. European Journal of Nutrition, 58 (1). pp. 253-260. ISSN 1436-6215

Veronese, Nicola, Stubbs, Brendon, Noale, Marianna, Solmi, Marco, Luchini, Claudio, Smith, Toby, Cooper, Cyrus, Guglielmi, Giuseppe, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Rizzoli, Renè and Maggi, Stefania (2017) Adherence to a mediterranean diet is associated with lower prevalence of osteoarthritis: Data from the osteoarthritis initiative. Clinical Nutrition, 36 (6). pp. 1609-1614. ISSN 1532-1983

Veronese, Nicola, Stubbs, Brendon, Crepaldi, Gaetano, Solmi, Marco, Cooper, Cyrus, Harvey, Nicholas, Reginster, Jean-Yves, Rizzoli, Renè, Civitelli, Roberto, Schofield, Patricia, Maggi, Stefania and Lamb, Sarah E. (2017) Relationship between Low Bone Mineral Density and Fractures with Incident Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 32 (5). pp. 1126-1135. ISSN 1523-4681

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