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Journal Article

Rees, Bronwen A. (2013) Editorial: Wisdom at work: capitalism in transition. Interconnections, 9. pp. 2-4. ISSN 1756-4751

Nowakowski, Linda and Rees, Bronwen A. (2012) Pathways for sustainable education: from hierarchy to holarchy. Interconnections, 8. pp. 46-57. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. (2012) Pathways to the future: enterprise, education and science. Interconnections, 8. pp. 65-70. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. (2011) Editorial: The role of the ethical entrepreneur as change catalyst. Interconnections, 7. pp. 2-8. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. (2011) From quantitative to qualitative: a mind-changing revolution. Interconnections, 6. pp. 6-11. ISSN 1756-4751

Csörgo, Zoltán and Rees, Bronwen A. (2011) The New Society: bridging the old and the new. Interconnections, 6. pp. 48-53. ISSN 1756-4751

Prayukvong, Wanna and Rees, Bronwen A. (2010) A Buddhist economic approach to employee volunteer programmes. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 38. pp. 75-93. ISSN 2051-4700

Rees, Bronwen A. (2010) Can we afford ‘business as usual’? Interconnections, 5. pp. 69-72. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. and Armitage, Andrew M. D. (2010) Talking about organisations. Interconnections, 5. pp. 64-68. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. (2009) Book review: Mindful economics: how the US economy works, why it matters, and how it could be different. Review of Social Economy, 67 (4). pp. 520-524. ISSN 1470-1162

Rees, Bronwen A. (2009) Endpiece: Towards a new management practice: holistic enquiry. Interconnections, 4. pp. 70-72. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. and Smith, Jonathan A. (2008) Breaking the silence: the traumatic circle of policing. International Journal of Police Science and Management, 10 (3). pp. 267-279. ISSN 1478-1603

Rees, Bronwen A. (2008) Crossing the theory/practice divide: the emergence of a new world view and its implications for business education. Interconnections, 1. pp. 8-15. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. (2008) Endpiece: agenda for change. Interconnections, 2. pp. 63-64. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. (2008) Ethics as a bridge between theory and practice. Interconnections, 1. pp. 26-30. ISSN 1756-4751

Puntasen, Apichai and Rees, Bronwen A. (2008) Sharing wisdom from the East: lessons from the King’s Sufficiency Economy in Thailand. Interconnections, 2. pp. 44-53. ISSN 1756-4751

Rees, Bronwen A. and Garnsey, Elizabeth (2003) Analysing competence: gender and identity at work. Gender, Work and Organization, 10 (5). pp. 551-578. ISSN 1468-0432

Rees, Bronwen A. and Preston, Jill (2003) The international Patchwork: introducing reflexivity into the business curriculum. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 40 (2). pp. 123-132. ISSN 1470-3300

Illes, Katalin and Rees, Bronwen A. (2001) Developing competent managers: the ‘shadow’ of Hungarian history. Journal of East European Management Studies, 6 (4). pp. 421-443. ISSN 1862-0019

Book Chapter

Rees, Bronwen A. and Agocs, Tamas (2011) The application of Buddhist theory and practice in modern organizations. In: Ethical Principles and Economic Transformation - A Buddhist Approach. Springer, Dordrecht, NL, pp. 155-165. ISBN 9789048193103

Illes, Katalin and Rees, Bronwen A. (2004) Uncovering the communist and capitalist shadow: developing relational forms of inquiry and writing. In: Fieldwork in Transforming Societies: Understanding Methodology from Experience. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, pp. 57-77. ISBN 978-1-349-50927-0

Rees, Bronwen A. (2001) Unlocking history: communicating across cultures. In: Collaborative strategies and multi-organizational partnerships. Garant Uitgevers, Leuven-Apeldoorn. ISBN 978-9044111637

Rees, Bronwen A. (2001) What price competitiveness? Unintended consequences of managerial knowledge transfer to Hungary. In: Dimensions of competitiveness: issues and policies. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. ISBN 9781840645682


Wall, Stuart and Minocha, Sonal and Rees, Bronwen A. (2009) International Business. 3rd ed. Pearson Education, Harlow, UK. ISBN 9780273723721

Rees, Bronwen A. (2003) The Construction of Management: Competence and Gender Issues at Work. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. ISBN 978-1843762287

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