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McWilliam, Rohan (2020) London's West End: Creating the Pleasure District, 1800-1914. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198823414

McWilliam, Rohan (2019) Sweeney Todd and the Chartist Gothic: Politics and Print Culture in Early Victorian Britain. In: Edward Lloyd and His World: Popular Fiction, Politics and the Press in Victorian Britain. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9780429262548

McWilliam, Rohan (2019) Fancy repositories: The arcades of London's West End in the Nineteenth Century. London Journal, 44 (2). pp. 93-112. ISSN 1749-6322

McWilliam, Rohan (2018) Man about Town: Victorian Night Life and the Haymarket Saturnalia, 1840-1880. History: The Journal of the Historical Association, 103 (358). pp. 758-776. ISSN 1468-229X

McWilliam, Rohan (2012) The performance of citizenship. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780415491877

McWilliam, Rohan (2011) Asa Briggs and the making of modern British social history. History Compass, 9 (12). pp. 900-909. ISSN 1478-0542

McWilliam, Rohan (2011) Jonathan Miller's Alice In Wonderland (1966): a suitable case for treatment. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 31 (2). pp. 229-246. ISSN 1465-3451

McWilliam, Rohan (2011) Melodrama. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (2010) Unauthorised identities: the impostor, the fake and the secret history in nineteenth century Britain. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780230576520

McWilliam, Rohan (2009) Jack the Ripper and the historians. History Teaching Review Yearbook, 23. pp. 34-39.

McWilliam, Rohan (2009) Victorian sensations, NeoVictorian romances: response. Victorian Studies, 52 (1). pp. 106-113. ISSN 1527-2052

McWilliam, Rohan (2009) The nineteenth-century public sphere and the continuities of British radicalism: new directions in the history of popular politics, 1848-1884. In: Kindai Igirisu to Koukyoken [Public Sphere in Modern Britain]. Showado, Kyoto, Japan, pp. 241-281.

McWilliam, Rohan (2008) The French connection: G.W.M. Reynolds and the outlaw Robert Macaire. In: G.W.M. Reynolds: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Politics, and the Press. The Nineteenth Century Series . Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, UK, pp. 33-49. ISBN 9780754658542

McWilliam, Rohan and Boyd, Kelly (2007) The Victorian studies reader. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780415355797

McWilliam, Rohan (2007) The Tichborne Claimant: a Victorian sensation. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 1852854782

McWilliam, Rohan (2005) The theatricality of the Staffordshire figurine. Journal of Victorian Culture, 10 (1). pp. 107-114. ISSN 1750-0133

McWilliam, Rohan (2005) Liberalism lite? Victorian Studies, 48 (1). pp. 103-111. ISSN 1527-2052

McWilliam, Rohan (2005) The melodramatic seamstress: interpreting a Victorian penny dreadful. In: Famine and Fashion: Needlewomen in the Nineteenth Century. Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, UK, pp. 99-114. ISBN 9780754608714

McWilliam, Rohan (2004) Johnstone, Henry Alexander Butler (1837–1902). In: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198614111

McWilliam, Rohan (2004) Barrie, Michael Maltman (1842–1909). UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (2004) Kenealy, Edward Vaughan Hyde (1819–1880). UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (2004) Lanchester, Elsa Sullivan (1902–1986). UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (2004) Lloyd, Edward (1815–1890). UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (2004) Tichborne claimant. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (2000) Melodrama and the historians. Radical History Review, 2000 (78). pp. 57-84. ISSN 1534-1453

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) A.J.P. Taylor. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) E.P. Thompson. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) Historiography of Modern Britain. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) History Workshop. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) Lord Acton. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) Political history. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1999) Raphael Samuel. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1998) Popular politics in nineteenth-century England. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780415108416

McWilliam, Rohan (1996) The mysteries of G.W.M. Reynolds: radicalism and melodrama in Victorian Britain. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781859281109

McWilliam, Rohan and Boyd, Kelly (1995) Historical perspectives on class and culture. Social History, 20 (1). pp. 93-100. ISSN 1470-1200

McWilliam, Rohan (1994) Popular Culture. In: A Dictionary of Nineteenth-century World History. Blackwell History Dictionaries . Blackwell, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780631183525

McWilliam, Rohan (1994) Rational recreation. UNSPECIFIED.

McWilliam, Rohan (1994) Temperance. UNSPECIFIED.

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