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Campos-Silva, João V. and Peres, Carlos A. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Abrahams, Mark I. and Andrade, Paulo C. M. and Davenport, Lisa (2021) Community-based conservation with formal protection provides large collateral benefits to Amazonian migratory waterbirds. PLOS ONE, 16 (4). e0250022. ISSN 1932-6203

Alcocer-Rodríguez, Mónica and Arroyo-Rodríguez, Víctor and Galán-Acedo, Carmen and Cristóbal-Azkarate, Jurgi and Asensio, Norberto and Rito, Kátia F. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Veà Baró, Joaquim and Dunn, Jacob (2020) Evaluating extinction debt in fragmented forests: the rapid recovery of a critically endangered primate. Animal Conservation. ISSN 1469-1795

Hawes, Joseph E. and Viera, Ima C. G. and Magnago, Luiz F. S. and Berenguer, Erika and Ferreira, Joice and Aragão, Luiz E. O. C. and Cardoso, Amanda and Lees, Alexander C. and Lennox, Gareth D. and Tobias, Joseph A. and Waldron, Anthony and Barlow, Jos (2020) A large-scale assessment of plant dispersal mode and seed traits across human-modified Amazonian forests. Journal of Ecology, 108 (4). pp. 1373-1385. ISSN 1365-2745

Kattge, Jens and Bönisch, Gerhard and Díaz, Sandra and Lavorel, Sandra and Prentice, Iain C. and Leadley, Paul and Tautenhahn, Susanne and Werner, Gijsbert D. A. and Hawes, Joseph E. and et al (2020) TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology, 26 (1). pp. 119-188. ISSN 1365-2486

Betts, Matthew G. and Wolf, Christopher and Pfeifer, Marion and Banks-Leite, Cristina and Arroyo-Rodríguez, Víctor and Ribeiro, Danilo B. and Barlow, Jos and Eigenbrod, Felix and Faria, Deborah and Fletcher, Robert J. and Hadley, Adam S. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Holt, Robert D. and Klingbeil, Brian and Kormann, Urs and Lens, Luc and Levi, Taal and Medina-Rangel, Guido F. and Melles, Stephanie L. and Mezger, Dirk and Morante-Filho, José C. and Orme, C. David L. and Peres, Carlos A. and Phalan, Benjamin T. and Pidgeon, Anna and Possingham, Hugh and Ripple, William J. and Slade, Eleanor M. and Somarriba, Eduardo and Tobias, Joseph A. and Tylianakis, Jason M. and Urbina-Cardona, J. Nicolás and Valente, Jonathon J. and Watling, James I. and Wells, Konstans and Wearn, Oliver R. and Wood, Eric and Young, Richard and Ewers, Robert M. (2019) Extinction filters mediate the global effects of habitat fragmentation on animals. Science, 366 (6470). pp. 1236-1239. ISSN 1095-9203

Pringle, Elizabeth G. and dos Santos, Talitha F. and Gonçalves, Marcelle S. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Peres, Carlos A. and Baccaro, Fabricio B. (2019) Arboreal ant abundance tracks primary productivity in an Amazonian whitewater river system. Ecosphere, 10 (10). e02902. ISSN 2150-8925

Campos-Silva, João V. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Peres, Carlos A. (2019) Population recovery, seasonal site fidelity and daily activity of pirarucu (Arapaima spp.) in an Amazonian floodplain mosaic. Freshwater Biology, 64 (7). pp. 1255-1264. ISSN 1365-2427

Jones, Trevor and Hawes, Joseph E. and Norton, Guy W. and Hawkins, Dawn M. (2019) Effect of protection status on mammal richness and abundance in Afromontane forests of the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania. Biological Conservation, 229. pp. 78-84. ISSN 0006-3207

Campos-Silva, João V. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Andrade, Paulo C. M. and Peres, Carlos A. (2018) Unintended multispecies co-benefits of an Amazonian community-based conservation programme. Nature Sustainability, 1 (11). pp. 650-656. ISSN 2398-9629

Alves-Pinto, Helena N. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Newton, Peter and Feltran-Barbieri, Rafael and Peres, Carlos A. (2018) Economic Impacts of Payments for Environmental Services on Livelihoods of Agro-extractivist Communities in the Brazilian Amazon. Ecological Economics, 152. pp. 378-388. ISSN 1873-6106

Rumeu, Beatriz and Sheath, Danny J. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Ings, Thomas C. (2018) Zooming into plant-flower visitor networks: an individual trait-based approach. PeerJ, 6. e5618. ISSN 2167-8359

Leite, Gabriel A. and Farias, Izeni P. and Gonçalves, André L. S. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Peres, Carlos A. (2018) Coarse- and fine-scale patterns of distribution and habitat selection places an Amazonian floodplain curassow in double jeopardy. PeerJ, 6 (e4617). ISSN 2167-8359

Hudson, Lawrence N. and Newbold, Tim and Contu, Sara and Hill, Samantha L. L. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Helden, Alvin J. and Norfolk, Olivia (2016) The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project. Ecology and Evolution. ISSN 2045-7758

Nichols, Elizabeth and Peres, Carlos A. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Naeem, Shahid (2016) Multitrophic diversity effects of network degradation. Ecology and Evolution, 6 (14). pp. 4936-4946. ISSN 2045-7758

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