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Luna, Licia P., Radua, Joaquim, Fortea, Lydia, Sugranyes, Gisela, Fortea, Adriana, Fusar-Poli, Paolo, Smith, Lee, Firth, Joseph, Shin, Jae Il, Brunoni, Andre R., Husain, Muhammad I., Husain, Muhammad O., Sair, Haris I., Mendes, Walber O., Uchoa, Luiz Ricardo A., Berk, Michael, Maes, Michael, Daskalakis, Zafiris J., Frangou, Sophia, Fornaro, Michele, Vieta, Eduard, Stubbs, Brendon, Solmi, Marco and Carvalho, Andre F. (2022) A systematic review and meta-analysis of structural and functional brain alterations in individuals with genetic and clinical high-risk for psychosis and bipolar disorder. Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, 117. p. 110540. ISSN 1878-4216

Fornaro, Michele, Dragioti, Elena, De Prisco, Michele, Billeci, Martina, Mondin, Anna, Calati, Raffaella, Smith, Lee, Hatcher, Simon, Kaluzienski, Mark, Fiedorowicz, Jess, Solmi, Marco, de Bartolomeis, Andrea and Carvalho, Andre (2022) Homelessness and health-related outcomes: an umbrella review of observational studies and randomized controlled trials. BMC Medicine, 20 (224). ISSN 1741-7015

Kim, Jae H., Kim, Jong Y., Lee, Seul, Lee, San, Stubbs, Brendon, Koyanagi, Ai, Dragioti, Elena, Jacob, Louis, Carvalho, Andre, Radua, Joaquim, Thompson, Trevor, Smith, Lee, Oh, Hans, Yang, Lin, Fornaro, Michele, Stickley, Andrew, de Pablo, Gonzalo S., Tizaoui, Kalthoum, Keon Yon, Dong, Lee, Seung W., Hwang, Jimin, Shin, Jae I. and Fusar-Poli, Paolo (2022) Environmental risk factors, protective factors, and biomarkers for postpartum depressive symptoms: an umbrella review. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 140. ISSN 0149-7634

Choi, Min Je, Yang, Jae Won, Lee, San, Kim, Jong Yeob, Oh, Jae Won, Lee, Jinhee, Stubbs, Brendon, Lee, Keum Hwa, Koyanagi, Ai, Hong, Sung Hwi, Ghayda, Ramy A., Hwang, Jimin, Dragioti, Elena, Jacob, Louis, Carvalho, Andre F., Radua, Joaquim, Thompson, Trevor, Smith, Lee, Fornaro, Michele, Stickley, Andrew, Bettac, Erica, Han, Young Joo, Kronbichler, Andreas, Yon, Dong Keon, Lee, Seung Won, Shin, Jae Il, Lee, Eun and Solmi, Marco (2021) Suicide associated with COVID-19 infection: an immunological point of view. European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 25 (20). pp. 6397-6407. ISSN 2284-0729

Solmi, Marco, Sharma, Manu, Osimo, Emanuele, Fornaro, Michele, Bortolato, Beatrice, Croatto, Giovanni, Miola, Alessandro, Vieta, Eduard, Pariante, Carmine, Smith, Lee, Fusar-Poli, Paolo, Shin, Jae Il, Berk, Michael and Carvalho, Andre F. (2021) Peripheral Levels of C-reactive protein, tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-6, and interleukin-1β across the mood spectrum in bipolar disorder: a meta-analysis of mean differences and variability. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 97. pp. 193-203. ISSN 0889-1591

Solmi, Marco, Miola, Alessandro, Croatto, Giovanni, Pigato, Giorgio, Favaro, Angela, Fornaro, Michele, Berk, Michael, Smith, Lee, Quevedo, Joao, Maes, Michael, Correll, Christoph and Carvalho, Andre F. (2021) How can we improve antidepressant adherence in the management of depression? A targeted review and 10 clinical recommendations. Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, 43 (2). pp. 189-202. ISSN 1809-452X

Kim, Jae Han, Kim, Jong Yeob, Lee, Jinhee, Jeong, Gwang Hun, Lee, Eun, Lee, San, Lee, Keum Hwa, Kronbichler, Andreas, Stubbs, Brendon, Solmi, Marco, Koyanagi, Ai, Hong, Sung Hwi, Dragioti, Elena, Jacob, Louis, Brunoni, Andre R., Carvalho, Andre F., Radua, Joaquim, Thompson, Trevor, Smith, Lee, Oh, Hans, Yang, Lin, Grabovac, Igor, Schuch, Felipe B., Fornaro, Michele, Stickley, Andrew, Rais, Theodor B., Salazar de Pablo, Gonzalo, Shin, Jae Il and Fusar-Poli, Paolo (2020) Environmental risk factors, protective factors, and peripheral biomarkers for ADHD: an umbrella review. The Lancet Psychiatry, 7 (11). pp. 955-970. ISSN 2215-0374

Carvalho, Andre F., Solmi, Marco, Sanches, Marcos, Machado, Myrela O., Stubbs, Brendon, Ajnakina, Olesya, Sherman, Chelsea, Sun, Yue Ran, Liu, Celina S., Brunoni, Andre R., Pigato, Giorgio, Fernandes, Brisa S., Bortolato, Beatrice, Husain, Muhammad I., Dragioti, Elena, Firth, Joseph, Cosco, Theodore D., Maes, Michael, Berk, Michael, Lanctôt, Krista L., Vieta, Eduard, Pizzagalli, Diego A., Smith, Lee, Fusar-Poli, Paolo, Kurdyak, Paul A., Fornaro, Michele, Rehm, Jürgen and Herrmann, Nathan (2020) Evidence-Based Umbrella Review of 162 Peripheral Biomarkers for Major Mental Disorders. Translational Psychiatry, 10. p. 152. ISSN 2158-3188

Bolzetta, Francesco, Veronese, Nicola, Stubbs, Brendon, Noale, Marianna, Vaona, Alberto, Demurtas, Jacopo, Celotto, Stefano, Cacco, Chiara, Cester, Alberto, Caruso, Maria G., Reddavide, Rosa, Notarnicola, Maria, Maggi, Stefania, Koyanagi, Ai, Fornaro, Michele, Firth, Joseph, Smith, Lee and Solmi, Marco (2019) The relationship between dietary vitamin K and depressive symptoms in late adulthood: a cross-sectional analysis from a large cohort study. Nutrients, 11 (4). p. 787. ISSN 2072-6643

Stubbs, Brendon, Vancampfort, Davy, Veronese, Nicola, Thompson, Trevor, Fornaro, Michele, Schofield, Patricia, Solmi, Marco, Mugisha, James, Carvalho, Andre F. and Koyanagi, Ai (2017) Depression and pain: primary data and meta-analysis among 237 952 people across 47 low- and middle-income countries. Psychological Medicine, 47 (16). pp. 2906-2917. ISSN 1469-8978

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