Muscle biomechanics

Robbins, Dan (2022) Muscle biomechanics. In: Human Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Fundamentals, Devices and Applications. Academic Press, London, UK, pp. 121-135. ISBN 978-0-12-824481-4

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This chapter describes the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of skeletal muscle. Micro- and macrostructures are presented, and the relationship between structure and function is described and presented graphically. Key terminology related to muscle structure and function is outlined and defined throughout the chapter, and models of muscle contraction and force analysis are discussed. Contraction types (isometric, concentric, and eccentric) are briefly reviewed, though it is important to note that the training status of an individual will have a large influence on performance; therefore the focus of this chapter is on generalized principles. Finally, an insight is given into electromyography analyses, techniques for research, and future applications.

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Keywords: Anatomy, sliding filament theory, biomechanics, contraction types, electromyograph, myofibrils, actin and myosin
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