From Soundwave to Soundscape: A Guide to Acoustic Research in Captive Animal Environments

Clark, Fay and Dunn, Jacob (2022) From Soundwave to Soundscape: A Guide to Acoustic Research in Captive Animal Environments. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 9. p. 889117. ISSN 2297-1769

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Sound is a complex feature of all environments, but captive animals' soundscapes (acoustic scenes) have been studied far less than those of wild animals. Furthermore, research across farms, laboratories, pet shelters, and zoos tends to focus on just one aspect of environmental sound measurement: its pressure level or intensity (in decibels). We review the state of the art of captive animal acoustic research and contrast this to the wild, highlighting new opportunities for the former to learn from the latter. We begin with a primer on sound, aimed at captive researchers and animal caregivers with an interest (rather than specific expertise) in acoustics. Then, we summarize animal acoustic research broadly split into measuring sound from animals, or their environment. We guide readers from soundwave to soundscape and through the burgeoning field of conservation technology, which offers new methods to capture multiple features of complex, gestalt soundscapes. Our review ends with suggestions for future research, and a practical guide to sound measurement in captive environments.

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Keywords: soundscape, noise, welfare, zoo, animal behavior, acoustics, laboratory, farm
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