Optimizing Fat Grafting Using a Hydraulic System Technique for Fat Processing: A Time and Cost Analysis

Verdura, Vincenzo, Guastafierro, Antonio, Di Pace, Bruno, Faenza, Mario, Nicoletti, Giovanni F. and Rubino, Corrado (2022) Optimizing Fat Grafting Using a Hydraulic System Technique for Fat Processing: A Time and Cost Analysis. Archives of Plastic Surgery, 49 (2). pp. 266-274. ISSN 2234-6171

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Background- Many authors have researched ways to optimize fat grafting by looking for a technique that offers safe and long-term fat survival rate. To date, there is no standardized protocol. We designed a “hydraulic system technique” optimizing the relationship among the quantity of injected fat, operative time, and material cost to establish fat volume cutoffs for a single procedure. Methods- Thirty-six patients underwent fat grafting surgery and were organized into three groups according to material used: standard, “1-track,” and “2-tracks” systems. The amount of harvested and grafted fat as well as material used for each procedure was collected. Operating times were recorded and statistical analysis was performed to establish the relationship with the amount of treated fat. Results- In 15 cases the standard system was used (mean treated fat 72 [30–100] mL, mean cost 4.23 ± 0.27 euros), in 11 cases the “1-track” system (mean treated fat 183.3 [120–280] mL, mean cost 7.63 ± 0.6 euros), and in 10 cases the “2-tracks” one (mean treated fat 311[220–550] mL, mean cost 12.47 ± 1 euros). The mean time difference between the standard system and the “1-track” system is statistically significant starting from three fat syringes (90 mL) in 17.66 versus 6.87 minutes. The difference between the “1-track” system and “2-tracks” system becomes statistically significant from 240 mL of fat in 15 minutes (“1-track”) versus 9.3 minutes for the “2-tracks” system. Conclusion- Data analysis would indicate the use of the standard system, “1-track,” and “2-tracks” to treat an amount of fat < 90 mL of fat, 90 ÷ 240 mL of fat, and ≥ 240 mL of fat, respectively.

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Keywords: fat grafting, hydraulic system, lipofilling, fat washing, regenerative surgery
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