Mechanism of accommodation assessed by change in precisely registered ocular images associated with concurrent change in auto-refraction

Grzybowski, Andrzej and Schachar, Ronald A. and Gaca-Wysocka, Magdalena and Schachar, Ira H. and Kamangar, Farhad and Pierscionek, Barbara K. (2018) Mechanism of accommodation assessed by change in precisely registered ocular images associated with concurrent change in auto-refraction. Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, 256 (2). pp. 395-402. ISSN 1435-702X

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Purpose: Our purpose was to determine the changes in anterior chamber depth (ACD) and central lens thickness (CLT) during pharmacologically induced accommodation. Methods: Following pupillary dilation with phenylephrine 10%, baseline auto-refractions and swept-source optical coherence tomographic biometric images (Zeiss IOLMaster 700) were obtained from the right eyes of 25 subjects aged 19 to 24 years. Pilocarpine 4% and phenylephrine 10% were then instilled into these right eyes. One hour later, auto-refractions and biometric imaging were repeated. Only data from eight of 25 subjects met the following stringent criteria to be included in the study analysis: pre and post-pilocarpine biometric foveal images were registerable, the images of the corneal centers were shifted by ≤100 μm, pupils >5 mm and the pharmacologically induced refractive change was ≥ −7 diopters. Results: The mean auto-refractive accommodative change for the eight included subjects was −12.45 diopters (± 3.45 diopters). The mean change in CLT was 81 μm (± 54 μm) and the mean change in ACD was −145 μm (± 86 μm). Superimposition of the registered pre and post-pilocarpine biometric images of the sagittal sections of the whole eye from each subject demonstrated that the position of the whole lens did not shift either anteriorly, posteriorly or vertically during pharmacologically induced accommodation. Conclusions: A small increase in lens thickness was associated with a large change in accommodative amplitude and no significant change in lens position as predicted by the Schachar theory.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: Accommodation, Central lens thickness, Image registration, Mechanism, Small displacement
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