Optical development in the zebrafish eye lens

Wang, Kehao and Vorontsova, Irene and Hoshino, Masato and Uesugi, Kentaro and Yagi, Naoto and Hall, James E. and Schilling, Thomas F. and Pierscionek, Barbara K. (2020) Optical development in the zebrafish eye lens. FASEB Journal, 34 (4). pp. 5552-5562. ISSN 1530-6860

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1096/fj.201902607r


The optics of the eye is the key to a functioning visual system. The exact nature of the correlation between ocular optics and eye development is not known because of the paucity of knowledge about the growth of a key optical element, the eye lens. The sophisticated optics of the lens and its gradient of refractive index provide the superior optical quality that the eye needs and which, it is thought, has a major influence on the development of proper visual function. The nature of a gradient refractive index lens, however, renders accurate measurements of its development difficult to make and has been the reason why the influence of lens growth on visual function remains largely unknown. Novel imaging techniques have made it possible to investigate growth of the eye lens in the zebrafish. This study shows measurements using X‐ray Talbot interferometry of three‐dimensional gradient index profiles in eye lenses of zebrafish from late larval to adult stages. The zebrafish lens shows evidence of a gradient of refractive index from the earliest stages measured and its growth suggests an apparent coincidence between periods of rapid increase in refractive index in the lens nucleus and increased expression of a particular crystallin protein group.

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Keywords: eye lens, ocular development, vision, zebrafish
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