Detection of Fingermarks - Applicability to Metallic Surfaces: A Literature Review

Christofidis, George and Morrissey, Joanne and Birkett, Jason W. (2018) Detection of Fingermarks - Applicability to Metallic Surfaces: A Literature Review. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 63 (6). pp. 1616-1627. ISSN 1556-4029

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There are many different fingermark visualization techniques available, and the choice of methodology employed may be dependent on the surface type. This comprehensive review of the scientific literature evaluates the methodologies of fingermark enhancement methods that are applicable to metallic surfaces; optical, physical, chemical, and physicochemical methods are critically discussed. Methods that are currently used and those that have the potential to reduce the cost and time required to process evidence and increase the recovery rates are considered and are assessed against the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) and the International Fingerprint Research Group (IFRG) guidelines. The use of chemical imaging techniques in particular has increased the potential to recover fingermarks of sufficient quality for identification purposes. Presently, there appears to be a lack of detailed research pertaining to validation and thorough casework studies for fingermark enhancement techniques. Further studies incorporating these guidelines are recommended.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: forensic science, fingermarks, fingerprints, enhancement techniques, metallic surfaces, latent fingermarks, latent fingerprint corrosion, microscopic examination, multimetal deposition, visualization, enhancement, cyanoacrylate, nanoparticles, conversion, residue, gold
Faculty: ARCHIVED Faculty of Science & Technology (until September 2018)
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