Software for vector synthesis and performance

Nunn, Douglas (2018) Software for vector synthesis and performance. In: Vector Hack Festival, Zagreb, Croatia and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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The appeal of vector graphics may derive from the seemingly infinite resolution, the line-based aesthetic, and the intrinsic impermanence of the display. Other motivations lie in repurposing obsolescent hardware, reimplementing historical devices, or simply diverging from mainstream approaches to video. It is hypothesised that vector displays fell out of use when computers lacked the power to fully exploit them, and that this limitation no longer applies. Many audio tools are well suited to vector synthesis as both need complex timed control of multiple parameters. The wide range of creation/performance methodologies allows varying degrees of audio/video correlation. At one extreme, visuals may be independent of the audio. However, audio tools allow simultaneous synthesis in both the visual and auditory domains. Alternatively, there are many ways to derive visuals from the audio, sometimes with identical signals driving the display and loudspeakers. This talk discusses software options for vector synthesis in both performance and studio environments, and presents experimental results from using Purr Data, ChucK, and a modified Vectrex games console. Examples include simulating chaotic oscillators and video vectorisation.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Speech)
Keywords: vector graphics, video art
Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Depositing User: Dr Douglas Nunn
Date Deposited: 04 Jan 2019 10:08
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