Basic word order in Brazilian Portuguese: A hybrid extended projection principle (EPP)

Sheehan, Michelle (2018) Basic word order in Brazilian Portuguese: A hybrid extended projection principle (EPP). Estudos Linguísticos e Literários, 58. pp. 104-129. ISSN 2176-4794

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This paper proposes a novel analysis of word order in Brazilian Portuguese (BP), based on a hybrid model of EPP satisfaction. It is proposed that the subject requirement or EPP is a [uD] feature on T which can be satisfied either by DP movement or by movement of an inflected verb bearing a [D] feature in BP. This, it is claimed, offers an explanatory account of basic word order patterns in BP. External argument DPs, merged above V, are closer to T than V, meaning that they must raise to satisfy the EPP, predicting SV(O) order with transitive and unergative predicates, including transitive psych-predicates. Internal arguments are merged below V, however, and so with unaccusatives, it is movement of the verb bearing a [uD] feature which satisfies the EPP, giving rise to VS order. With copular verbs which take small clause complements, a similar affect holds, as the copular verb can satisfy the EPP. Verb movement can also satisfy the EPP in impersonal contexts, hence the fact that BP lacks overt expletives.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: EPP, subject requirement, verb movement, basic word order
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Date Deposited: 12 Jun 2018 13:13
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