Journal positioning meta-issues as evolving contexts: Organizational marketing at the crossroads

Lichtenthal, J. David and Tzempelikos, Nektarios and Tellefsen, Thomas (2018) Journal positioning meta-issues as evolving contexts: Organizational marketing at the crossroads. Industrial Marketing Management, 69. pp. 40-52. ISSN 0019-8501

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As Industrial Marketing Management (IMM) has completed 45 years of publication, Industrial Marketing Management: An Interorganizational Interdisciplinary Journal comes of age yet again. A description of the proliferation of journals and associated titles within cognate subfields is provided noting the societal forces creating this necessity. Relief is brought to the complexity and diversity of journals therein. The unit of analysis is that of an individual circumspect scholar viewing the journal mix landscape and its associated impact on their scholarship and career. Contexts and criteria are offered for sorting out this meta-dilemma that has been evolving since time immemorial. Peter J. LaPlaca's (PJL's) presence in our field and IMM is explicated with awe and appreciation. Closing thoughts are offered regarding our collective future and some criteria for getting there – the next interlude. The reader is invited to ascertain their unique scholarly path. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are used in the evaluation of the mere incidence of article outlets and the moderating effect on institutional and industry constraints as accelerated over the past 45 years. Industry sources that measure and monitor journal use and their activity are broadly and succinctly portrayed. Historical analyses of college business school education's evolution with the associated impact of these industrial forces for journal publishing are derived. A narrative describing the evolution in the quantity of journals and their proliferation is provided. The analysis is by definition contemporary yet retrospective, qualitative yet adductive. PJL's long-term contribution to the field is documented with awe and appreciation. Individual scholars are to know that their own acumen and that of those whom they may come to supervise are constrained yet enabled by the mere quantity of journal options and their inevitable domain enmeshment. The impact on education and the management thereof are noted in detail and associated sense making in the performance of our job. The analyses of the journals publishing provides a paradox of opportunity yet a twisted knot of options for any scholar requiring yet further criteria to untie. Over most of our career lifespans the data and analysis provided help contextualize the character of your scholarly journey. A glimpse into the evolution of research in the area of business-to-business marketing and its components over the last few decades helps magnify the positioning of the journals for prospective authors and would-be readers.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: anniversary issue, journal proliferation, editorial posture, editorial policy, scholar, business education, scholar career management, business marketing, industrial marketing, antecedent market phenomenon
Faculty: ARCHIVED Lord Ashcroft International Business School (until September 2018)
Depositing User: Dr Nektarios Tzempelikos
Date Deposited: 26 Feb 2018 12:26
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