A Practice-based investigation of animal character development in picturebook illustration

Manolessou, Katherina (2012) A Practice-based investigation of animal character development in picturebook illustration. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

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This practice-based thesis investigates the development of animal characters in picturebook illustration through the process of creating a picturebook featuring animal characters. The thesis consists of a visual record of the illustration practice, a written exegesis of that record offering a contextualisation and critical reflection on the practice, and the artefact produced, a picturebook maquette. Key considerations include the role of anthropomorphism and stereotypes in the design of picturebook animal characters; the engagement of my illustration practice with the experience of childhood; the construction of a simple picturebook story; the role of the environment as a characterisation device; the roles of the central characters within the picturebook narrative; the expression of the characters’ feelings and motivations via speech, actions, body language and facial expressions; the composition, pacing and rhythm of the picturebook. The research contributes to the understanding of picturebooks and how they are created by bringing into the foreground the practitioner’s intentions, considerations, and methods. It makes connections between different stages and paths of the character development process and addresses picturebook illustration as authorial practice.

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