Development and validation of a computational model of the knee joint for the evaluation of surgical treatments for osteoarthritis

Mootanah, Rajshree and Imhauser, Carl W. and Reisse, Franziska and Carpanen, Diagarajen and Walker, Robert W. and Koff, Matthew F. and Lenhoff, Mark W. and Rozbruch, S. Robert and Fragomen, Austin T. and Dewan, Zarshah and Kirane, Yatin M. and Cheah, Kevin and Dowell, John K. and Hillstrom, Howard J. (2014) Development and validation of a computational model of the knee joint for the evaluation of surgical treatments for osteoarthritis. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 17 (13). pp. 1502-1517. ISSN 1476-8259

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A three-dimensional (3D) knee joint computational model was developed and validated to predict knee joint contact forces and pressures for different degrees of malalignment. A 3D computational knee model was created from high-resolution radiological images to emulate passive sagittal rotation (full-extension to 658-flexion) and weight acceptance. A cadaveric knee mounted on a six-degree-of-freedom robot was subjected to matching boundary and loading conditions. A ligamenttuning process minimised kinematic differences between the robotically loaded cadaver specimen and the finite element (FE) model. The model was validated by measured intra-articular force and pressure measurements. Percent full scale error between FE-predicted and in vitro-measured values in the medial and lateral compartments were 6.67% and 5.94%, respectively, for normalised peak pressure values, and 7.56% and 4.48%, respectively, for normalised force values. The knee model can accurately predict normalised intra-articular pressure and forces for different loading conditions and could be further developed for subject-specific surgical planning.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: subject-specific finite element knee model, knee joint contact mechanics, osteoarthritis, model validation, in vitro cadaveric test, lower limb malalignment
Faculty: ARCHIVED Faculty of Science & Technology (until September 2018)
Depositing User: Rajshree Hillstrom
Date Deposited: 25 Jan 2017 14:14
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2021 19:01

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