Kinematic analysis of step ascent among patients with central visual field loss

Timmis, Matthew A. and Scarfe, Amy C. and Tabrett, Daryl R. and Pardhan, Shahina (2014) Kinematic analysis of step ascent among patients with central visual field loss. Gait and Posture, 39 (1). pp. 252-257. ISSN 1879-2219

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Vision is of paramount importance in regulating adaptive gait. Using three-dimensional motion analysis, the current study investigated how central visual field loss (CFL) affects step ascent. Ten patients with chronic CFL (77 ± 10 years) and 13 visual normal participants (72 ± 6 years) walked up to and ascended a single step (of varying height). Movement kinematics assessed the period immediately prior to and during step ascent. Compared to visual normal participants, patients with CFL exhibited a lower lead foot horizontal crossing velocity, increased lead limb swing time and increased head flexion (looking down at more immediate areas of the ground/step). They also took longer to initiate the step up, transfer weight to the lead foot upon landing on the upper level and increased trail limb swing time when negotiating the medium and high step height. Increased variability was also shown in a number of dependant measures. Data indicate that during step ascent, patients with CFL exhibit a cautious stepping strategy when compared to visual normal participants. This cautious strategy becomes increasingly evident when negotiating higher step heights, as shown by an increased planning time prior to entering the relatively unstable period of single support during the step up. The increased variability among CFL patients increases their likelihood of experiencing dynamic instability and falling during step ascent.

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Keywords: Gait, Locomotion, Low vision, Step ascent, Kinematics
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