First detection of an NSAID, flunixin, in sheep’s wool using GC–MS

Richards, Ngaio L. and Hall, Sarah and Scott, Karen and Harrison, Nancy M. (2011) First detection of an NSAID, flunixin, in sheep’s wool using GC–MS. Environmental Pollution, 159 (5). pp. 1446-1450. ISSN 1873-6424

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Exposure to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac resulted in the near extinction of three species of Gyps vultures on the Indian subcontinent. Other NSAIDs present in the environment, including flunixin, may pose a similar risk. In the course of a study to determine the feasibility of detecting NSAIDs in keratinous matrices (i.e., hair, nails and feathers) using GC–MS, wool opportunistically collected from a sheep treated with flunixin was analysed for residues. Flunixin was detected qualitatively in external wool wash and extract samples. While residues of veterinary agents and pesticides have previously been found in sheep’s wool, our preliminary investigation provides the first instance of an NSAID being detected in this matrix. Here we provide the sample preparation methods and GC–MS parameters used to enable further refinement as part of ongoing conservation and consumer quality control measures.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keywords: Veterinary pharmaceutical, Wool residue analysis, Wool contamination, Vulture conservation, Scavenging species conservation, Feeding station safety testing
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