Reanimating Alan: investigating narrative and science in contemporary poetry

Nightingale, Andrew (2013) Reanimating Alan: investigating narrative and science in contemporary poetry. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

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This practice‐based research is a long creative work about Alan Turing. It consists of a series that includes prose, narrative poems and visual poems. An accompanying critical commentary, which is split into three sections, addresses the relationship between narrative and seriality, ways in which scientific notations can be used in visual poetry, and aspects of biographical and civil poetry. A finalsection contains a selection of creative approaches to commentary that reflect on research in a manner that is complementary to the critical commentary. The research was carried out through a process of repeated planning and experimentation that has resulted in a variety of forms and procedures, ranging from the accessible and conventional to the idiosyncratic and experimental. A method of investigating narrative was created by allowing narrative and serial formsto intersect throughout the creative work. A means of bringing science and literature into relation was sought through a process of forceful combination of scientific notations with literary or occult materials. And alternative possibilities for biographical poetry were investigated through resistance to celebration and through experiment with formal propertiesin poetry that could be appropriate to Turing. The creative work and critical commentary find new models for the relationship between narrative and seriality in which the will to create narrative is not denied and seriality is not a mere absence of narrative. They find new means by which science and literature can come into contact through visual poetry. They help to define a unique role for poetry in biographical writing in the way that poetry allows the subject to be embodied formally. And they set up a productive dialogue between experimental andmore established writing strategies.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Keywords: practice‐based, Turing, biography, visual poetry
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