Perspectives on ageing in gypsy families

Lane, Pauline and Spencer, Siobhan and McCready, Muzelley (2012) Perspectives on ageing in gypsy families. ISSN 0958-3084

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In this paper, we offer a glimpse into the life of older Gypsies as they reflect on their past and on how the non-Gypsy community have impacted on their lives. Traditionally, Gypsies have been nomadic, but successive governments have legislated against Gypsy life. Many Gypsies have now been forced to abandon their traditional ways and live on permanent sites. Consequently, many Gypsy elders look back on their nomadic life with great affection and a sense of loss, not only for themselves but also for young Gypsy families who will be denied the opportunity to follow these traditions. Despite these experiences of marginalisation and discrimination, Gypsy culture is alive and well. We hope that sharing some of the experiences of Gypsy elders will lead to a recognition of the strength of Gypsy culture and a celebration of how Gypsy families support and care for their elders.

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