Taxonomy, biodiversity and biogeography: Tardigarda and Antarctic meiofauna

McInnes, Sandra J. (2010) Taxonomy, biodiversity and biogeography: Tardigarda and Antarctic meiofauna. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

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The main subject of my papers has been the phylum Tardigrada, with particular emphasis on the Antarctic fauna. While this is one of the ‘lesser known phyla’ the group forms an important element of Antarctic non-marine ecosystems. My work has centred on four interrelated themes: i) taxonomy, predominantly Tardigrada and with an Antarctic bias though including wider global species and high taxon groupings (I have also worked on other taxa such as Fungi-imperfecti and freshwater invertebrates); ii) biodiversity of tardigrades, particularly Antarctic habitats; iii) data-based studies based on the terrestrial Tardigrada and Antarctic freshwater crustaceans; and iv) biogeographic analysis of these databases. The thesis presented consists of papers published in major, peer-reviewed journals, along with book chapters published and in press. Several of my papers have been cited 10-30 times according to the ISI Web of Science citation system. Highlights of my work include being the first to publish a paper on the global terrestrial biogeography of a phylum and showing the extant limno-terrestrial tardigrade fauna reflect the early tectonic break-up of the Laurasia, West and East Gondwana super continents between 65 and 135 million years ago.

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