An investigation into patients' and nurses' experiences of diabetes consultation

Priharjo, Robert, McVicar, Andrew J., Smith, Julie and Nixon, Gail (2011) An investigation into patients' and nurses' experiences of diabetes consultation. Diabetic Medicine, 28 (S1). p. 256. ISSN 1464-5491

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Aims: The aim of this research project was to carry out a detailed investigation of diabetes consultation as experienced and perceived by patients and diabetes specialist nurses in a primary care setting. Methods: This study utilises a sequential mixed methods single approach design.The combination of the studies will be at the technique level [1]. Initially, the qualitative data were used to capture the consultation experience from individual perspectives. In this stage, seven nurse–patient consultations were observed and five diabetes specialist nurses and seven patients were interviewed. The data were thematically analysed. This will be followed by a quantitative data collection of 150 patients using an adaptation of the Consultation Quality Index/CQI-2 [2]. Results: The results obtained from the qualitative phase of the project have clarified the expectations and perspectives for diabetes consultation as perceived and experienced by the nurses and diabetes specialist nurses.The consultation arrangement and style were favoured by both parties and there is a clear mutual interpersonal interaction between the nurses and the patients. Conclusion: The first part of the study has expanded the area of diabetes consultation from the perspectives of patients and nurses. The nursing consultations have been considered as an important element of diabetes care and support for people with diabetes. However, some areas still need further investigation such as the scope of clinical decision making and the balance between supplying information and listening to comments from patients.

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