Historic landscapes, cultural capital and sustainability: interpreting ancient woodlands

Spaul, Martin W. J. and Evans, Simon H. (2005) Historic landscapes, cultural capital and sustainability: interpreting ancient woodlands. Current Issues in Tourism, 8 (2-3). pp. 231-244. ISSN 1747-7603

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This paper is concerned with some aspects of the cultural capital embodied in historic landscapes and how this may be mobilised in the pursuit of sustainable patterns of development through tourist encounters with those landscapes. The principal concern is not with the sustainability of any particular landscape used as a tourist resource, but rather with the role that suitably interpreted landscapes can play in the general establishment of a sustainable relationship with nature by increasing environmental awareness and building motivations for policy and lifestyle changes. Although these general sustainability issues provide the main focus of this paper, they are discussed through the vehicle of a particular set of landscapes and their interpretation: ancient woodlands constituted as leisure and tourism venues. The perspective from which this paper is written is that of the designer of interpretative materials; in particular, materials delivered via the ‘new media’ – web sites, computer-based kiosks, etc – with their characteristics of high information volume, small physical footprint and high engagement. However, since realising the potential of such communication strategies is not a matter of the blind accumulation of computer-based materials, this paper is concerned solely with the cultural milieu of, and the strategic environmental context of, the interpretation of historic landscapes for tourists – squarely with the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’ of communication.

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Keywords: cultural capital, historic landscapes, sustainability, tourism, communication
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