Binocular recognition summation in the peripheral visual field: contrast and orientation dependence

Pardhan, Shahina (2003) Binocular recognition summation in the peripheral visual field: contrast and orientation dependence. Vision Research, 43 (11). pp. 1251-1257. ISSN 1878-5646

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Spatial frequency thresholds for recognition were measured for binocular and monocular viewing conditions at two contrast levels (95% and 7%). Measurements were obtained at the fovea and at four different eccentric retinal locations. Each eccentric retinal location was 8° from the fovea, one on the horizontal axis (180°), and the other three in the superior field on retinal axes of 90°, 45° and 135°. For the superior and horizontal retinal locations, the orientations of the gratings tested were horizontal (180°) and vertical (90°). For the retinal points on the oblique axes, the orientations of the gratings were 45° and 135°. Measurements were also obtained at the fovea for all four different grating orientations at both levels of contrast. Recognition threshold was defined as the highest spatial frequency at which luminance gratings were perceived veridically. At the fovea, binocular summation ratios (binocular spatial frequency/monocular spatial frequency) showed no significant differences for gratings of either contrast levels or for any orientation (p>0.05). In the superior periphery, significantly higher summation ratios were shown by low contrast vertical gratings (p<0.05), and in the horizontal periphery by low contrast horizontal gratings (p<0.05). On the oblique axis, low contrast gratings that were parallel to the oblique meridian showed higher summation ratios compared to those at right angles to it. High contrast gratings, at least at 8° eccentricity, did not show this effect. Data suggest that meridional organisation of the retina (e.g. vertical gratings seen maximally in the superior field) occurs for resolution and that it is evidenced closer to the fovea than previously shown.

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Keywords: Binocular summation, Periphery, Recognition, Orientation, Meridional organisation, Low contrast
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