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Acevedo, Beatriz (2011) Memories of La Violencia in Colombia in the work of Doris Salcedo. Journal of Arts and Communities, 2 (2). pp. 105-122. ISSN 1757-1936

Acevedo, Beatriz (2011) Memories of Violencia in the work of the Colombian artist Doris Salcedo: a subjective view. Journal of Arts and Communities. ISSN 1757-1936

Acevedo, Beatriz (2011) The Screaming Pope: imagery and leadership in two paintings of the Pope Innocent X. Leadership. ISSN 1742-7169

Akister, Jane (2011) Protecting children: the central role of knowledge. Practice: Social Work in Action. ISSN 0950-3153

Akister, Jane and Burch, Sarah and Sadler, Katy (2011) Risk factors associated with becoming NEET’s: a review of the literature applied to the demographics of the Fenland area. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Akister, Jane and Moore, Claudia and Williams, Isabel (2011) Enabling professionals to succeed in post-qualifying education: initial concerns and assessment outcomes from classroom-based and blended learning modules. Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Akister, Jane and O'Brien, Niamh and Cleary, Teresa (2011) CSV Volunteers in Child Protection (ViCP): An assessment of impact and effectiveness. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Almond, Palo and Lathlean, Judith (2011) Inequity in provision of and access to health visiting postnatal depression services. Journal of Advanced Nursing. ISSN 0309-2402

Anderson, Annette and McCormack, Stephen and Helden, Alvin J. and Sheridan, Helen and Kinsella, Anne and Purvis, Gordon and Rural Economy Research Centre, Ireland (2011) The potential of parasitoid Hymenoptera as bioindicators of arthropod diversity in agricultural grasslands. Journal of Applied Ecology. ISSN 0021-8901

Andrew, Sharon (2011) Are we failing to prepare nurses in the UK and Australia to practice by the codes of conduct? Contemporary Nurse. ISSN 1037-6178

Andrew, Sharon and Halcomb, Elizabeth J. and University of Western Sydney, Australia (2011) From 'should we be?' to 'how are we': moving forward with mixed methods health research. International Journal of Multiple Approaches. ISSN 1834-0806

Andrew, Sharon and Halcomb, Elizabeth J. and University of Western Sydney, Australia (2011) Navigating the maze of nursing research. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780729540902

Andrew, Sharon and Salamonson, Yenna and Everett, Bronwyn and Halcomb, Elizabeth J. and Davidson, Patricia M. and University of Western Sydney, Australia and University of Technology, Australia and St Vincent's and mater Health, Australia (2011) Beyond the ceiling effect: using a mixed methods approach to measure patient satisfaction. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. ISSN 1834-0806

Anghel, Roxana (2011) Transition within transition: how young people learn to leave behind institutional care whilst their carers are stuck in neutral. Children and Youth Services Review. ISSN 0190-7409

Armitage, Andrew M.D. (2011) Critical pedagogy and learning to dialogue: towards reflexive practice for financial management and accounting education. Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies. ISSN 1740-2743

Armitage, Andrew M.D. (2011) Learning to dialogue: towards a critical pedagogy for public finance and accounting management practice. Journal of Finance and Management in Public Services. ISSN 1475-1283

Ashford, Julian R. and Jones, Cynthia M. and Hofmann, Eileen E. and Everson, Inigo and Moreno, Carlos A. and Duhamel, Guy and Williams, Richard (2011) Otolith chemistry indicates population structuring by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. ISSN 0706-652X

Avni, Behira (2011) Primary school pupils' responses to lessons that combine different teaching styles (Visual, Auditory, Reading/writing and Kinaesthetic) according to their own personal learning styles. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.


Bartholomew, Karen and Hooks, Claire (2011) Consent to student involvement in treatment – the legalities. Royal College of Midwives: Student Life e-newsletter. ISSN 1479-2915

Bigo, Vinca and Negru, Ioana and Euromed Management School, Marseille, France (2011) Theorising care: a possible defence of interdisciplinarity in economics. International Journal of Green Economics. ISSN 1744-9928

Blackhall, Amanda and Hawkes, David and Hingley, David and Wood, Steven (2011) VERA framework: communicating with people who have dementia. Nursing Standard. ISSN 0029-6570

Borda, Aldo Zammit (2011) Decision-making patterns at the first trial of International Criminal Court: A perspective on the ICC. Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal. (Draft)

Bradley, Claire and Holley, Debbie (2011) Empirical research into students’ mobile phones and their use for learning. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning. ISSN 1941-8647

Bueter, M and Miras, A D and Chichger, H and Fenske, W and Ghatei, M A and Bloom, S R and Unwin, R J and Lutz, T A and Spector, A C and le Roux, C W (2011) Alterations of sucrose preference after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Physiology & behavior. ISSN 1873-507X (Draft)

Bukhari, Nadia and Elsaid, Naba (2011) Registration Exam Questions II. Pharmaceutical Press. ISBN 978-0853699767


Campbell, Sean (2011) 'Irish Blood, English Heart': second-generation Irish musicians in England. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781859184615

Charles, Ginger and Travis, Frederick and Smith, Jonathan A. and Maharishi Vedic Science, Fairfield, IA, USA and City of Arvada Police Department, Arvada, CO, USA (2011) Policing and spirituality: their impact on brain integration and consciousness. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Draft)

Cole, Michael D. (2011) Poison in party pills is too much to swallow. Nature. ISSN 1476-4687

Connor, Jane and Andrews, Kirsty (2011) Neurological investigations. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781405163569

Crook, Nora (2011) The Aziola and the Moth: the Shelleys at the Bagni di Pisa. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

Crook, Nora (2011) 'Casualty', Mrs Shelley and seditious libel: cleansing Britain’s most corrupt poet of error. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781848931596

Crook, Nora (2011) Shelley and his waste-paper basket: notes on eight Shelleyan and pseudo-Shelleyan jottings, extracts, and fragments. Keats-Shelley Review. ISSN 0952-4142

Crow, Jayne (2011) How do you develop as a reflective learner? In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

Csörgo, Zoltán and Rees, Bronwen A. (2011) The New Society: bridging the old and the new. Interconnections, Journal of Ashcroft International Business School. ISSN 1756-4751


Davidson, Patricia M. and Salamonson, Yenna and Rolley, John and Everett, Bronwyn and Fernandez, Ritin and Andrew, Sharon and Newton, Phillip J. and Frost, Steve and Denniss, Robert (2011) Perception of cardiovascular risk following a percutaneous coronary intervention: a cross sectional study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. ISSN 0020-7489

Deprey, Brynn Darin (2011) The internationalisation process of small and medium-sized management consultancies in the UK. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Dunningham, Helen (2011) Modelling lung and tissue gas transfer using a membrane oxygenator circuit; determining the effects of a volatile anaesthetic agent and a haemoglobin substitute on oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide diffusion. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

D’Ignazio, Alessio and Giovannetti, Emanuele (2011) Internet districts in Italy: is proximity an antidote against weak broadband competition? Modern Economy. ISSN 2152-7261 (Draft)


Edwards, Richard and Stockwell, Nigel (2011) Trusts and equity. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781408253458

Emmanuel, Myrtle and O’Neill, P. and Holley, Debbie and Johnson, L. and Sinfield, Sandra (2011) Taking action in business. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0230237088


Fox, Joanna (2011) ‘The view from inside’: understanding service user involvement in health and social care education. Disability & Society. ISSN 0968-7599

Franklin, Seb (2011) Is attention really immaterial? Visual culture after post-Fordism. World Picture. ISSN 1938-1700 (Draft)


Gardner, John (2011) Lessons in repression: the Cathkin, Cato Street, and Bonnymuir conspiracies. In: UNSPECIFIED. (Draft)

Gardner, John (2011) Poetry and popular protest. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780230280717 (Draft)

Gardner, John (2011) William Hone's 'New Vision of Judgement'. Wordsworth Circle. ISSN 0043-8006

Gardner, John (2011) The triumph of the whale. Charles Lamb Bulletin. ISSN 0308-0951

Garfield, Diana (2011) Neo-Platonic dualism to postmodern fragmentation? A narrative inquiry into construction and expression of self-identity in lay Christians in a contemporary secular workplace. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Gelling, Leslie (2011) New style for Nurse Researcher. Nurse Researcher.

Gelling, Leslie (2011) What is the difference between grounded theory and phenomenology? Nursing Times. ISSN 0954-7762

Gelling, Leslie (2011) The complexities of using grounded theory. Nurse Researcher.

Gelling, Leslie and Hampton-Till, James (2011) The driving force in research. Nurse Researcher.

Gelling, Leslie and Munn-Giddings, Carol (2011) Ethical review of action research: the challenges for researchers and Research Ethics Committees. Research Ethics. ISSN 1747-0161

Giddens, Eugene (2011) Collections: volume XVI. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780719086106

Giddens, Eugene (2011) How to read a Shakespearean play text. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780521886406

Giddens, Eugene (2011) Masculinity and barbarism in Titus Andronicus. Early Modern Literary Studies. ISSN 1201-2459 (Draft)

Gill, Betty and Ramjan, Lucie and Koch, Jane and Dlugon, Elizabeth and Andrew, Sharon and Salamonson, Yenna and University of Western Sydney, Australia (2011) Standardised orientation program for first year undergraduate students in the College of Health and Science at the University of Western Sydney: a practice report. The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education. ISSN 1838-2959

Goldstein, Kimberly and Doorley, John and Turner, Paul (2011) Corporate reputation management in the US pharmaceutical industry.

Gowar, Mick (2011) Moon-Bells and other poems. Ted Hughes Society.

Gowar, Mick (2011) Poetry In The Making: fifty years old. Journal of The Ted Hughes Society.

Gowar, Mick and Cook, Peter (2011) Ted Hughes & Leonard Baskin's Illustrated Books for Children. Ted Hughes Society Journal.

Griffiths, Alan and Wall, Stuart (2011) Economics for business and management. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780273735243


Hall, Tom (2011) the map has been barely marked. [Audio] (Draft)

Hands, Joss (2011) @ is for activism: dissent, resistance and rebellion in a digital culture. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0745327001

Harrison, Nancy M. and Whitehouse, Michael J. (2011) Mixed-species flocks: an example of niche construction? Animal Behaviour. ISSN 0003-3472

Hawkes, David (2011) Heidegger undisclosed: is Heidegger and phenomenology hiding or hidden from Solution Focus? InterAction - The Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations. ISSN 1868-8063

Hawkes, David and Hingley, David (2011) Asking questions to aid recovery. Mental Health Practice. ISSN 1465-8720

Henjewele, Christian and Sun, Ming and Fewings, Peter (2011) Analysis of factors affecting value for money in UK PFI projects. Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction. (Submitted)

Hillary, Martin Ambrose (2011) Supporting Buddhist identity in long-term care situations. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Hills, Peter J. and Lewis, Michael B. (2011) Reducing the own-race bias in face recognition by attentional shift using fixation crosses preceding the lower half of a face. Visual Cognition. ISSN 1464-0716

Hills, Peter J. and Lewis, Michael B. (2011) The own-age face recognition bias in children and adults. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. ISSN 1747-0226

Hills, Peter J. and Ross, David A. and Lewis, Michael B. (2011) Attention misplaced: the role of diagnostic features in the face-inversion effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. ISSN 0096-1523

Hills, Peter J. and Werno, Magda A. and Lewis, Michael B. (2011) Sad people are more accurate at face recognition than happy people. Consciousness and Cognition. ISSN 1053-8100

Hoadley, Richard (2011) Calder's violin. [Audio]

Hoadley, Richard (2011) The Metapiano: composing and improvising with sculpture. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Hoadley, Richard (2011) Sculpture as music interface. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference.

Hoadley, Richard and Frances-Hoad, Cheryl and Hall, Tom and Turner, Jane (2011) Triggered. [Audio] (Draft)

Hockey, Ann and Jimenez-Bescos, Carlos and Maclean, Janice and Spaul, Martin (2011) Generic skills and workplace learning: supporting professional development through online learning communities. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781907396137

Holley, Debbie and Oliver, Martin (2011) Diversity and design: an emergent model of matching curricula design to student need. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 1609605012

Holley, Debbie and Oliver, Martin (2011) Negotiating the digital divide: narratives from the have and the have-nots. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9789460915789

Holmes, Joanne and Oldfield, Amelia and Polichroniadis, Marion (2011) Creating change for complex children and their families: a multi-disciplinary approach to multi-family work. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781843109655

Home, Robert (2011) Essays in African land law. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781920538002

Horeck, Tanya and Kendall, Tina (2011) The new extremism in cinema: from France to Europe. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780748641604

Howard, Sue and Smith, Jonathan A. (2011) “I wanted to find a way to serve others”: Interview with Chief Constable Adrian Lee, Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police. International Journal of Leadership in Public Services. ISSN 1747-9886

Hu, Mei (2011) The impact of the new integrated older people's care services in Cambridgeshire on service users. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Hughes, Francine M.R. and Stroh, Peter A. and Adams, William M. and Kirby, Keith J. and Mountford, J. Owen and Warrington, Stuart (2011) Monitoring and evaluating large-scale, ‘open-ended’ habitat creation projects: A journey rather than a destination. Journal for Nature Conservation. ISSN 1617-1381

Hunt, Abigail (2011) Tatey Picking Time. In: Growing Better: Lincolnshire and the potato. Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, Lincoln, pp. 37-50. ISBN 978-0903582445


Illes, Katalin and O'Shea, Gregory (2011) Cultural and intercultural negotiation aspects: United Kingdom. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9783905404579


Jackson, Debra and Peters, Kath and Andrew, Sharon and Salamonson, Yenna and Halcomb, Elizabeth J. and University of Western Sydney, Australia (2011) “If you haven't got a PhD, you're not going to get a job”: The PhD as a hurdle to continuing academic employment in nursing. Nurse Education Today. ISSN 0260-6917

Januszewska, Nina (2011) Molecular systematics of dictyostelids: a case for single genus. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Joannou, Maroula (2011) ‘No suffragette saw herself in my mirror’: evolutionary and biological discourse in Ann Veronica. The Wellesian: The Journal of the H.G. Wells Society. ISSN 0263-1776 (Draft)

Jones, Lyndon and Hood, Penelope J. (2011) Happiness: the new yardstick. Orient. ISSN 0219-1245


Kanyal, Mallika (2011) Promoting children's participation in education: developing a culture of participation. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9791090365018

Kendall, Tina (2011) Introduction: tarrying with disgust. Film-Philosophy. ISSN 1466-4615 (Draft)

Kendall, Tina (2011) Reframing Bataille: on tacky spectatorship in the new European extremism. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780748641604

Khoo, Teng Guan (2011) A critical comparative analysis of racial integration laws and its impact on professional team sports. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Knight, Sara A. (2011) Forest School for all. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780857020710

Knight, Sara A. (2011) Risk and adventure in early years outdoor play: lessons from Forest School. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781849206297

Knowles, Judie M. and Gray, Morag A. (2011) The experience of critiquing published research: learning from the student and researcher perspective. Nurse Education in Practice. ISSN 1471-5953

Koch, Jane and Salamonson, Yenna and Du, Hui Yun and Andrew, Sharon and Frost, Steven A. and Dunncliff, Kirstin and Dunncliff, Katricia M. and University of Western Sydney, Australia (2011) Value of web-based learning activities for nursing students who speak English as a second language. Journal of Nursing Education. ISSN 0148-4834

Kuppen, Sarah and Huss, Martina and Fosker, Tim and Fegan, Natasha and Goswami, Usha and Queen's University, Belfast (2011) Basic auditory processing skills and phonological awareness in low-IQ readers and typically developing controls. Scientific Studies of Reading. ISSN 1088-8438


Latham, Keziah and Waller, Sam and Schaitel, James (2011) Do best practice guidelines improve the legibility of pharmacy labels for the visually impaired? Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. ISSN 0275-5408

Lewis, Michael (2011) Editorial: The organisational challenge of the 21st century: new paradigms, new practices. Interconnections. ISSN 1756-4751


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Mansour, Mansour (2011) Methodological and ethical challenges in investigating the safety of medication administration. Nurse Researcher.

Margrove, Kerrie L. and Mensah, Seth A. and Thapar, Ajay K. and Kerr, Michael P. and Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff (2011) Depression screening for patients with epilepsy in a primary care setting using the Patient Health Questionnaire-2 and the Neurological Disorders Depression Inventory for Epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior. ISSN 1525-5050

Margrove, Kerrie L. and Thapar, Ajay K. and Mensah, Seth A. and Kerr, Michael P. and Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff (2011) Help-seeking and treatment preferences for depression in epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior. ISSN 1525-5050

Marlow, Nigel and Jansson-Boyd, Cathrine V. (2011) To touch or not to touch; that is the question. Should consumers always be encouraged to touch products, and does it always alter product perception? Psychology and Marketing. ISSN 0742-6046

McWilliam, Rohan (2011) Asa Briggs and the making of modern British social history. History Compass. (Draft)

McWilliam, Rohan (2011) Jonathan Miller's Alice In Wonderland (1966): a suitable case for treatment. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. ISSN 1465-3451 (Draft)

McWilliam, Rohan (2011) Melodrama. UNSPECIFIED.

Mitchell, Adrian and Frame, Ian and Coday, Alan and Hoxley, Mike (2011) A conceptual framework of the interface between the design and construction processes. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management. ISSN 0969-9988

Monmasson, Eric and Idkhajine, Lahoucine and Cirstea, Marcian N. and Bahri, Imene and Tisan, Alin and Naouar, Mohamed Wissem (2011) FPGAs in industrial control applications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. ISSN 1941-0050

Moore, Stephen and Maclean, Rachel and Jefford, Tom (2011) The ‘land in-between’: A comparative European study of the victimisation of young people travelling to and from school. Crime Prevention and Community Safety. ISSN 1460-3780

Mootanah, Rajshree and Imhauser, Carl and Koff, Matthew and Hillstrom, Howard and Potter, Hollis and Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA (2011) MRI Sequence Influences Geometrical Information of Osseous Tissues. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Negru, Ioana (2011) The Austrian School as a pluralist economic system. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9789736117152

Negru, Ioana (2011) Beyond markets: critical approaches to microeconomics. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0273736906

Negru, Ioana (2011) Methods and philosophical ideas of the Austrian School (Preface). In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9789736117152

Negru, Ioana and Negru, Anca and Parsons, Stephen D. (2011) Essays on praxeology: Rothbard and the Austrian School. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9789736117152

Norgett, Yvonne and Siderov, John (2011) Crowding in childrenʼs visual acuity tests - effect of test design and age. Optometry and Vision Science. ISSN 1040-5488 (Draft)

Northrop, Mary (2011) How does reflection help to support workplace learning? In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780335237494


O'Brien, Martina and Spires, Alison and Andrews, Kirsty (2011) Introduction to medicines management in nursing. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781844458455

O'Shea, Gregory (2011) The BRIC economies: Brazil, Russia, India and China. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0273736930

Odell-Miller, Helen (2011) Introduction to music therapy and psychiatry. UNSPECIFIED.

Odell-Miller, Helen (2011) Value of music therapy for people with personality disorders. Mental Health Practice. (Draft)

Oldfield, Amelia (2011) Exploring issues of control through interactive, improvised music making: music therapy diagnostic assessment and short-term treatment with a mother and daughter in a psychiatric unit. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781891278754

Oldfield, Amelia (2011) Parents' perception of being in music therapy with their children: what is our role as music therapists with parents? In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978019958051

Ormond, Emma L. and Thomas, Alison P.M. and Pell, Judith K. and Freeman, Stephen N. and Roy, Helen E. and Department of Plant and Invertebrate Ecology, Rothamsted Research (2011) Avoidance of a generalist entomopathogenic fungus by the ladybird, Coccinella septempunctata. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. ISSN 0168-6496


Pacheco, Berta (2011) SMR neurofeedback training for cognitive enhancement: the mediating effect of SMR baseline levels. Masters thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

Panteli, Niki and Yan, Lin and Chamakiotis, Petros (2011) Writing to the unknown: bloggers and the presence of backpackers. Information Technology & People. ISSN 0959-3845

Paul, Colette (2011) Privacy. UNSPECIFIED.

Peters, Kath and Luck, Lauretta and Hutchinson, Marie and Wilkes, Lesley and Andrew, Sharon and Jackson, Debra and University of Western Sydney, Australia and University of Technoogy, Australia and Southern Cross University, Australia (2011) The emotional sequelae of whistleblowing: findings from a qualitative study. Journal of Clinical Nursing. ISSN 0962-1067

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Porat, Anat (2011) Conflict resolution among children in a kindergarten class inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

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